Beauty And The Beast Characters

Thursday, April 21 by Yvonne Glasgow

"Beauty and the Beast" characters are plentiful, but there are eight main characters that are important to the telling of this tale. “Beauty and the Beast” is a classic Disney tale about the beautiful Belle who becomes trapped in the Beast's castle. At the castle she teaches the Beast how to open his heart, and she makes friends with household items that walk and talk along the way.

  1. Belle is one of the two main characters of the story “Beauty and the Beast.” When Belle's father Maurice comes missing, young Belle makes a deal with the Beast. The Beast has her father captive in his castle. Belle loses her fear of the Beast when he risks his life to save hers.
  2. The Beast is a prince who has been cursed by an evil enchantress. The spell will be broken when he finds true love, but loving a beast is a hard thing for anyone to do. He takes the wrong path at winning Belle's heart, but he does learn that he can love and be loved.
  3. Gaston is the man that wants to win Belle's hand in marriage. The problem with Gaston is that he only thinks of himself. This hunter knows nothing about love, and he even tries to kill the Beast in order to get Belle.
  4. Maurice is Belle's eccentric father. He is a quirky inventor who supports all of Belle's dreams, including her need to read and be more than just a maiden to a rich husband. Belle trades her freedom to save her father from his imprisonment by the Beast.
  5. Lumiere is Belle's host in the Beast's castle. He is a very friendly candelabra and a gentleman. Lumiere helps Belle and the Beast fall in love.
  6. Cogsworth is the voice of reason. Once the prince's butler before the spell of the enchantress turned him into a clock, he is the one who makes sure all of the other servants are doing their jobs and that the Beast has everything he needs.
  7. Mrs. Potts is the head of the kitchen in the Beast's castle. She takes on the role of mother for Belle while she is trapped in the castle.
  8. Chip is Mrs. Pott's son, a charming little teacup. He becomes Belle's friend and confidant.

-Yvonne Glasgow

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