The talent of merging art with plot gives birth to the 10 best anime recommendations. The look of an anime is just as important as the story told and that separates the bad from the good and the good from the great. If you're looking to jump genres or to delve deeper into the world of anime then enjoy these choices:

"Now and Then, Here and There": Terrifying, complex and beautiful, "Now and Then, Here and There" starts rather simply and builds with each act until it's something far beyond what a story could be. It infiltrates the senses, offering horror and beauty at various costs to your perspective. One of the best anime recommendations to give to any adult who might turn their nose up at anime.

"Akira": Classic is a word that gets thrown around a lot, sometimes losing meaning. "Akira" is to the word "classic" what a first kiss is to the word "love". It's not just an anime recommendation it's an experience that needs to be seen and then shared with as many other people as possible.

"Fullmetal Alchemist": A tale of two brothers that conveys the bond of siblings so eloquently and amusingly that it feels just as real as if it were live action. The mystery is deep in "Fullmetal Alchemist" and so are the relationships. An anime recommendation that brings true heart to storytelling.

"Full Metal Panic!": Featuring a future that takes from earth's history but adds their own twists and turns, "Full Metal Panic!" is a fully realized, engrossing tale. The art doesn't merely supplement the story but is a vibrant part of the process. The characters here draw you in until you're fully vested in their fates.

"One Piece": You shouldn't have a character named Monkey unless you're willing to bring the laughs. "One Piece" has super powers, pirates and treasure and that's hard to go wrong when you're looking for an anime recommendation. A great and lengthy series that entertains without skipping a beat as it sets a course for the unreachable horizon.

"Bleach": Massive is but one word to describe "Bleach". Slowly revealed manipulations behind the scenes build the story in complex layers allowing this anime recommendation to strengthen as it continues progressing. The idea of taking souls has never been this interesting or well thought out.

"Desert Punk": Featuring a lead character that is just as annoying as he is lecherous, "Desert Punk" takes the apocalyptic mythos and makes its own mark. The sweeping desert environment is so well designed that dry heat seems to radiate from the screen. This anime avoids the trap of two-dimensional characters delivering complex protagonists and antagonists that breathe new life into a well-trodden genre.

"Trigun": Unrepentant action with a Wild West feel. "Trigun" makes no apologies and prefers dead to alive in the truest Western sense.  Bullets cover the ground, over the top characters come and go, and "Trigun" marches onwards.

"The Mysterious Cities of Gold": Mining the past and adding some interesting twists and creative turns with the search for gold in the 1500s, "The Mysterious Cities of Gold" keeps the stories fresh and interesting. Often times live action is interjected sometimes blending and other times jarring with the tales and information given. The simpler style of animation bolsters the effects of the story making it a true anime recommendation.

"Dragon Hunters": Entertaining for adults and children, "Dragon Hunters" creates a truly wondrous environment. Tribulations abound but not without humorous events and a warm gorgeous artistry. This anime recommendation leaves a smile on the face as well as a desire for further stories with the characters.