This anime movies list is sure to help you find the animation that will suit your needs. It's good to have an anime movies list like this because, if you're new to anime, it'll help you find something that you may like in the giant mass of products. Considering the rise of popularity of Japanese animation, this anime movies list is sure to help you find something to watch tonight!

  1. "Ghost In The Shell" This awesome anime movie paints a neon-lit fantasy version of the future where high-tech detectives track down criminals through any means possible. Delving into deep philosophical arguments about the melding of man and machine, this will stimulate your brain with its thought-provoking dialog and its bombastic action. If you're looking for something that will top your anime movies list, be sure to check this one out!

  2. "Akira" This is one of the most famous anime movies of all time, thus deserving to be on this anime movies list. A pre-apocalyptic Tokyo is rife with political corruption and biker gangs as a group of teenagers get mixed up in a conspiracy to mass produce psychics. The imagery is stunning as it is disturbing, so this film is only for those with iron stomachs.

  3. "Tokyo Godfathers." This is one this anime movies list because it's one of the funniest and most heartwarming anime films ever. Three vagrants are united by the unlikely task of taking care of an abandoned infant during the Holidays in this great trip through Toyko that is filled with witty dialog and some truly inspiring scenarios. If you're looking for something to bring the folks closer together, consider showing this anime movie.

  4. "Spirited Away" This is one of the best anime movies for the entire family. A young girl must work in a bath house for the gods after her parents commit the egregious mistake of eating all their food in this fantastic anime movie. The artwork is stunning and the story is predictable enough to be accessible without giving away too much. If you're looking to get your kids into anime movies, be sure to try out this selection.