Japan has a long tradition of using love stories in their fiction and produced hundreds of memorable anime couples. Japan also has a long tradition of animated cartoons they called "Japanime" but was eventually shortened to "anime." These two aspects of Japanese culture have been combined and these anime couples have become icons in their own right.

Tenchi and Ryoko

In "Tenchi Muyo!" a guy named Tenchi is a half-human/half-alien who saves the world over and over again, but that’s not why we’re here. Tenchi is in love, but he happens to be in love with two different girls and that single romantic plot device ends up shaping many love affairs in the history of Japanime. There have been entire websites dedicated to both sides of the love triangle, who Tenchi should pick and, of course, long winded explanations of exactly why he should pick that girl. No matter who he picks in the long run, Tenchi's relationship ends up at number one because of the effect this story had on anime.

Spike and Julia

These two were doomed from the very beginning and everyone who watches "Cowboy Bebop" knows that. Chronologically speaking, we all know what’s about to happen, but we root for the two in the long run. However, many fans ended up wanting Spike to forget the doomed Julia and go after Faye instead. This never really happened except for a handful of glances and a few random touches from one another.

Kagome and Inuyasha

Every anime fan loves these two. The dog demon boy and his school girl love interest are destined to be together—any anime fan can see that from a mile away and everyone who’s seen "Inuyasha" will root for them. Inuyasha thinks Kagome is the reincarnation of his former lover, Kikyo. She isn’t, however, because Kikyo shows up later in the show to cause a nice love triangle between them all.

Ed and Winry

They grew up together. He became a state alchemist and she became the world’s most premiere automail maker, which is good, because Ed is always breaking his automail. Ed and Al’s quest makes Winry fall in love with Ed over a short period of time and she eventually reveals she loves him. By the very end of Brotherhood, they have gotten together and had children. This didn’t happen in the original anime, where she simply saw him as a brother and he saw her as a little sister. Brotherhood followed the manga a lot more closely and had the two end up together just like they had been destined to. This alternate version of "FMA" is why Ed and Winry get this spot on the best anime couples list.

Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockheart

Moans of disgust waft through the air. These two are highly popular anime couple and we can’t deny that. Though "Final Fantasy 7" was a videogame in the '90s, this particular "Final Fantasy" was accepted and soon several mangas, animes and two CG movies followed. Their love affair seems to be everywhere, even in fan fiction. You can’t type in Cloud and Tifa into a search engine without finding pages and pages of fans going nuts over this anime couple.