Animated adventure movies need to retain excitement that entertains kids of all ages. These movies can be superhero adventures, epic encounters or just fairy tales with a sense of adventure. Whether the movies are made by Pixar, DreamWorks or are old Disney classics, all retain the adventure that makes them some of the best animated movies of all time.

  1. “Kung Fu Panda” – “Kung Fu Panda” is an animated adventure movie in the world of martial arts. Po is a fat panda bear who loves kung fu and adores the local heroes that protect his village. When the heroes are defeated, it is up to Po to help rescue them and save the day.

  2. “Despicable Me” – Gru is a bad guy who prides himself on being completely despicable. When he decides to steal the moon, he gathers all his minions to help pull off the crime of the century. Things get difficult when he ends up as the adopted father of three precocious girls.

  3. “Up” – Carl is an old man who realizes after his wife dies that he never reached any of his dreams and goals. He sets out to find a lost explorer, without realizing that a young scout named Russell has stowed away with him. Together, the two must overcome the dangers of the South American jungles.

  4. “Aladdin” – In this 1992 Disney animated adventure movie, a young street urchin named Aladdin finds a magical lamp that grants him three wishes. He decides to use the wishes to woo a beautiful princess but realizes he will have to reveal his true identity to finally win over her love.

  5. “Peter Pan” – This classic Disney movie tells the story of the boy who never had to grow up. When a British girl named Wendy is brought to Neverland, the boy warrior falls for her while trying to battle the evil pirate, Captain Hook.

  6. “The Lion King” – In a retelling of the William Shakespeare play “Hamlet,” “The Lion King” focuses on a young cub named Simba, whose father is murdered by his evil uncle Scar. Simba is banished, believing he caused his father’s death but soon returns to face off with his uncle to save his kingdom.

  7. “Lilo and Stitch” – An evil alien named Stitch crashes to Earth after escaping a maximum security prison. A dangerous bounty hunter comes in search for him and, when a young Hawaiian girl named Lilo finds the alien, they find they are in danger for their lives.

  8. “The Incredibles” – This Pixar animated adventure movie follows the life of a retired superhero couple and their three super powered children. When the father finds that he cannot keep a real job and gets the chance to be a hero once again, he sweeps his entire family into action, putting all their lives in danger.

  9. “Shrek”Shrek, an ogre who only wants to live in peace, finds that his once peaceful swamp is overridden with fairytale creatures, ordered moved there by the evil Lord Farquaad. Shrek sets out to confront the Lord but is sent to rescue a princess named Fiona from a fire breathing dragon.

  10. “How to Train Your Dragon” – In this DreamWorks animated adventure movie, a young boy named Hiccup befriends a dangerous dragon, despite the creatures being the mortal enemies of his Viking family. The two set out to help the Vikings understand they must join forces against an even greater evil.