Alien cartoon movies for kids are perfect for parents who are fans of the genre, but aren’t willing to share their PG-13 and R-rated counterparts with their children. These are only some alien cartoon movies for kids. Feel free to explore more on your own!

  1. “Lilo and Stitch” Disney’s story of the lovable, if not rambunctious alien creature named Stitch remains one of its best offerings. Backed by a delightful Elvis soundtrack and Hawaii beaches, “Lilo and Stitch” recounts the tale of the alien Stitch attempting to fit in with young Lilo’s family after crash landing on earth. In the meantime, he must curb his need to destroy everything that comes his way so he can finally have a family to call his own.

  2. “Monsters vs. Aliens” Susan Murphy had no idea when getting ready for her wedding that not only would she not get married, but she would be hit by a meteorite mid-ceremony and grow to be almost 50 feet tall. This lands her in the top-secret military prison with other “monsters” to keep her company: B.O.B., the gelatinous blob; Dr. Cockroach, a mad scientist/cockroach; the Missing Link, a half fish/half ape creature; and Insectosaurus, a giant grub. When an alien race attempts to take over the Earth, the monsters are unleashed in the ultimat fighting match-up.  

  3. Megamind This visually slick film tells the story on Megamind, an alien who seems doomed to be the villain right from birth. Similarly, his alien counterpart seems destined for nothing but greatness, eventually becoming the superhero defender of Metro City, Metro Man. Megamind embraces the part of the outcast, becoming a super villain to rival Metro Man. However, when Megamind defeats Metro Man and unwittingly releases a super villain adversary of his own, he must don the role that he doesn’t believe he can play: super hero.

  4. “Space Jam” This animated/live-action film was one of the most popular 90s films released to date. When extraterrestrials seek to capture the Looney Tunes characters for their failing theme park, the Tunes fight back by challenging the aliens to a basketball game. However, the aliens steal the abilities of famous NBA players in order to win Knowing they can’t defeat the aliens on their own, they seek out a retired Michael Jordan to help them. Starring the classic Looney Tunes characters and NBA star Michael Jordan, “Space James” is silly, but definitely a classic alien cartoon movie for kids.

  5. “Planet 51” This film puts a spin on the stereotypical alien movie, instead having humans be the invaders rather than the other way round. The aliens on Planet 51 live a life very much akin to that of 1950s America. But, when a mysterious space craft from NASA lands right in someone’s backyard, pandemonium sets in as the astronaut realizes that the planet is inhabited and the aliens try to figure out how to deal with this “alien” invader.