So, you want to know which are the 5 best anime movies in 2008. Anime movies have been steadily gaining popularity in the United States as well as the rest of the world. Most Anime movies display great animation, strong story lines, and over-the-top drama and action. There were indeed some great Anime movies released in 2008. But, you want to know the five best Anime movies, right?

  1. "Hells" Anime movies are nothing if they're not over-the-top. This particular movie has a rather interesting premise. It's about a girl who's attending a new school. When she gets there, she realizes she's in a school for demons and the dead. Sounds kind of silly, but the movie's totally entertaining. This little gem was directed by Yoshiki Yamakawa.

  2. "Gekijo ban Naruto: Shippuden - Kizuna" Written by Masashi Kishimoto, and directed by Hajimi Kamegaki, It's all about Ninjas and war, fellas. One group of Ninjas is attacking another for retribution from a previous battle. The anime is top notch and the storyline really kicks ass. To give you more info would totally ruin the plot. Just watch it. Long name, great flick.

  3. "The Sky Crawlers" This anime movie is slightly on the weirder side. It's about a group of eternal adolescent warriors. Yes, these people, known as the sky crawlers only grow to about their mid teens. They don't age, but they can be killed as they man high-powered fighter planes. The original story was written by Hiroshi Mori. The screen adaptation was written by Chihiro Ito. Great movie. Check it out.

  4. "Ponyo" Yeah, OK. This one is a slightly sappy anime movie. It's about a goldfish, that happens to be a princess. Well, this little regal fish befriends a five year old kid and tries to find a way to become human. Yeah, it's sappy, but the story's pretty good. It's an instant classic that your kids will enjoy. It was written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

  5. "Ghost In the Shell 2: Innocence" "Ghost In the Shell" is probably the most famous of all anime movies. Well this is the digital version of that classic flick. A cyborg cop and her partner hunt down a hacker. You'll love this movie. The action scenes are way over the top. A lot of people had their hands on this one. the manga version was written by Kazunori Ito. The screenplay version was written by Mamoru Oshii, who also directed the film.