As 3D technology forays into the live action animated world, it's important to note that 3D animated movies have been popular for more than a decade all over the world as seen through these 5 best 3D anime movies. The very best of these films are often some of the best written, best directed and best produced films of their respective years, regardless of being in 3D animation or not. As of 2011, the best 3D animated films are the snap classics you (and your kids) may already know and love, though there may be a couple of these you are not familiar with.

  1. "Toy Story 3": The third installment of 3D animation studio godfather Pixar's flagship hit film is one of the best 3D animated movies ever made, as it mixes a funny, frightening, heartfelt story into a movie everyone can identify with. All the original voices--like Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack--are back in "Toy Story 3," helping to create one of those rare instances where the final film in a trilogy is almost better then the original. Almost.

  2. "Chicken Run": Barely known in the United States, "Wallace & Gromit" are claymation characters who were first popularized in the United Kingdom as one of the oldest forms of 3D animation. After winning every award possible for their short animated films and their numerous television series across the pond, Nick Park and Peter Lord teamed up for "Chicken Run," an animated masterpiece with the voices Mel Gibson, Miranda Richardson and Julia Sawahla.

  3. "The Nightmare Before Christmas": Made in the early '90's by macabre master Tim Burton, "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is a feature-length 3D animated movie that breaks all the rules and uses many different forms of animation throughout the story. There truly is nothing that has been made like "The Nightmare Before Christmas" before or after it was released. It also stars the voice of Danny Elfman, one of the greatest score composers in Hollywood.

  4. "Toy Story": This is the original Pixar film that launched the studio and their style of 3D animation into the mainstream. "Toy Story" reinvigorated the animated film genre and showed everyone 3D animation had finally arrived in mainstream cinema, with numerous films similar to it (but obviously not quite as good) following in its footsteps over the next decade. It also showed, like the classic 2D animated films from the Disney era, that animation could appeal to adults and children alike.

  5. "The Incredibles": Spectacular animation, writing and characters make "The Incredibles" the best 3D animated movie, as it went beyond the common "G" rating, with some adult themes and violence that made it "PG." This rating alone almost broke new ground for the film, showing that 3D animation, like all animation, could also be dramatic and serious, hinting at the darker places 3D animation could go. "The Incredibles" also grossed close to a billion dollars, worldwide.