The list of the 10 most famous cartoon movies includes some of the most beloved films ever made. Every adult has at least one fond memory of an animated feature seen as a child. In the early years of cartoon production, all animation was done by hand. Today, computers do much of the animation work, but the older movies still hold up well.

  1. “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” This Disney movie is based on a fairy tale and is listed among the greatest films ever made be the American Film Institute (AFI).

  2. “Fantasia.” This famous cartoon movie was originally a flop. It features animated sequences set to classical music with no dialog. It's the only other animated film besides “Snow White” on AFI's list of greatest films.

  3. “Shrek.” This story about a shy, insecure green ogre was a smash hit and spawned a whole series of animated features. It's use of celebrity voices is inspired and contributes to the film's status as one of the most famous cartoon movies ever made.

  4. “Toy Story.” This is one of the most critically acclaimed of the computer animated cartoon movies. It has been followed by sequels and a successful merchandising campaign. Surprisingly, the sequels have out-grossed the original film significantly. In fact, “Toy Story 3” is the biggest money making animated film of all time.

  5. “The Lion King.” In an era when computer animation was beginning to dominate the industry, this famous cartoon movie was hand-drawn. At the time of its release, it was the biggest money making animated feature ever made.

  6. “Bambi.” This cartoon movie tells the story of a young deer and his friends. It's considered one of Disney's greatest animation achievements. Surprisingly, it was a dud in its initial release. But, multiple successful theater releases since then have secured this famous cartoon movie's status as a classic.

  7. “One Hundred and One Dalmatians.” Two adult dogs set out to rescue their kidnapped pups with the help of other animals. When they find their puppies, they discover that their offspring weren't the only ones kidnapped. This famous cartoon movie is still the second highest money maker in animated film history.

  8. “Pinocchio.” This is the story of a puppet that came to life. This film was another famous cartoon movie that initially disappointed at the box office. Subsequently, it has been named by the AFI as the second-best animation film ever made, behind only “Snow White.”

  9. “Dumbo.” This film was a low-cost project designed to make up for losses on other Disney films. It performed splendidly at the box office and became an instant classic, a status that it still holds. The story of a flying elephant is apparently irresistible.

  10. “Finding Nemo.” This film was a smash hit. No other movie of any kind has sold more DVDs. It's a relatively recent addition to the list of famous cartoon movies, so it's not certain that this picture will stand the test of time. But, it's undeniably famous now.