If this list of 10 hot anime movies doesn't get you into Japanese animation, apparently nothing else will. These are some of the hottest anime movies to ever come out, whether it's measured by popularity or sheer amount of amazing drawn bodies. If you love some lovely ladies, then be sure to check out these 10 hot anime movies.

  1. "Gunsmith Cats." Two sexy female bounty hunters work together to solve crimes. One is skilled with guns, while the other has a penchant for explosives. Easily one of the best hot anime movies of all time.

  2. "End Of Evangelion." If you've watched the show, then you know there's plenty of psychoanalysis and religious symbolism to go around. Moreover, this has some of the hottest women we've ever seen in animation, earning it a spot on this list of hot anime movies. Be warned, this movie is surprisingly depressing.

  3. "Ninja Scroll." This is easily one of the greatest hot anime movies of all time. Ninjas battling it out in feudal Japan is always good, but add to that one of the sexiest female protagonists we've ever seen. If you love some sexually-charged situations, be sure to check out this movie.

  4. "Perfect Blue." An aging idol attempts to reinvent herself, much to the chagrin of her fan-base. This is a horror-themed film that's also a great hot anime movie. If you're a fan of the recent hit "Black Swan," be sure to check this one out!

  5. "Cowboy Bebop: The Movie." This is definitely deserving of a spot amongst the best hot anime movies. The animation is slick and the soundtrack is rocking. Plus, you get to see the female lead Faye Valentine in next to nothing for most of the movie. How's that for awesome?

  6. "Ghost In The Shell." This is one of the best hot anime movies because it's got beautiful women and complex ideas. The world is thrust into danger by the technology that's outrun the emotional evolution of humanity, and it's only super hot Makoto who can save the day.

  7. "Akira." Arguably the most famous anime movie of all time, it's on this list for the great battle sequences you're treated to. Tokyo is thrust into a war of the military versus the psychics versus the bikers, and almost nobody is left standing by the time the final curtain draws to a close.

  8. "Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust." This takes the classic story of a vampire hunter and gives it an interesting twist, in that the hunter also happens to be a vampire himself. Add to that some of the most stylish action we've seen yet and you have one of the best hot anime movies ever!

  9. "Oh! My Goddess." It might be a sweet love story, but the goddesses featured in this hot anime movie are, well, goddesses. You won't find women who are more perfect anywhere else, which is why it has a spot on this coveted list.

  10. "Video Girl Ai." We've all watched anime and wished that the girls could be real, so this hot anime movie indulges that fantasy by having a young man discover a woman who pops right out of his TV! This is one of the hot anime movies that delves into the hentai category, so it might be better to put the kids to bed before you watch this movie.