10 Best Ninja Anime Movies That Will Sneak Up In The Night

Tuesday, September 13 by Lori Boyd

Interested to know what the 10 best anime ninja movies are? Hardcore Japanese animation fans and casual viewers alike who crave for over-the-top action are are sure to enjoy the hardcore action these flicks have to offer.

"Blood Reign: Curse of the Yoma"

First released in VHS format in 1989, this classic is definitely one of the first films to incorporate the anime ninja plot in standard animation. In this movie, a master ninja tries to eradicate hordes of demons who seek to destroy humanity. Standing in his way is a resurrected ninja, a former friend who was reanimated to serve the demonic Yoma.

"Jubei Chan: Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch" 

Who says only guys can be ninjas? A young girl receives a strange heart-shaped eyepatch. She learns that the patch is a magical talisman that hold the spirit of a legendary warrior and swordsman. She reluctantly accepts the patch to become a great ninja.

"Sword of the Stranger"

A young lad and his loyal dog are hunted by the Ming. He meets a mysterious warrior who agrees to take him to safety. This anime ninja movie was released in 2007 and was well received by anime fans and casual viewers alike. 

"Dagger of Kamui"

This old-school anime ninja movie was released back in 1985. A young man is out for vengeance, seeking to find the man who slaughtered his family. He eventually finds and slays the killer thanks to information given by a friend. He finds out later that he may have killed the wrong man.

"Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal" 

This spinoff anime ninja movie from the popular Rurouni Kenshin series is actually a prequel of sorts. Kenshin, a skilled assassin hides from his enemies by pretending to be married to a beautiful woman. Little does he know that the woman's dead fiance was a man he killed in combat.


Two powerful ninja clans battle each other for supremacy. The two parties agree to match ten ninjas from each clan. Based on the fan favorite manga, Basilisk is truly an action-packed spectacle.

"Wrath of the Ninja"

A demonic army is unleashed. A young and beautiful ninja with a mystica weapon is joined by two other warriors to stop the relentless evil. They combine their weapons to fulfill an old prophecy.

"The Hakkenden"

During the days of Feudal Japan, a clan allies itself with demonic forces to crush the opposition. The rival clan is nearly defeated and in desperation, their leader offers his daughter to their pet dog if the dog can slay and bring back the head of the enemy. The Hakkenden features smooth and beautifully rendered animation.

"Ninja Resurrection" 

Ninja Resurrection was released in 1997 hoping to cash in the popularity of the anime ninja movie, Ninja Scroll. A militant Christian leader in the Tokugawa era is assasinated and his spirit unleashes unholy creatures. Jubei is then tasked to stop their murderous rampage.

"Ninja Scroll" 

Perhaps the finest among the anime ninja movies, Ninja Scroll is a true classic. A wandering ninja is forced to face an old enemy who seeks to overthrow the government. With the help of two allies, he tracks down his powerful nemesis. Standing in his way are the demonic henchmen of his mysterious target.    

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