The ten best kid's animated movies list is a survey of the best animated features on film. The earliest animation featured a giant, static dinosaur named Gertie and her human costar Windsor McCay. The dino cartoon drawing was projected using a giant magic lantern, an early projector, and her handler did all the talking. As the monolog moved along, the slide of Gertie was changed. Fortunately for modern audiences, animation has progressed greatly since 1914 and the Gertie presentations.

  1. "Toy Story." The Original, 2 and 3, a tie. The original film took the screen in 1993 and Disney-Pixar knew it had a hit. The second installment in the Toy Story series came out in 1999 and "Toy Story 3" was released to not-so-patient children in 2010. How could this animated movie not be a kid favorite. It has a toy cowgirl, cowboy and a spaceman as the three main characters. The toy cowfolk are dolls and Buzz, is well, Buzz Lightyear, the pull-toy doll who says, "To infinity...and beyond." 

  2. "Alice in Wonderland." Alice's animated story, released by Disney in 1951, retold the classic tale of a young girl and her imaginary tale down the rabbit hole made famous by Lewis Carroll. Kids love the Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter characters.

  3. "Sleeping Beauty." The fairy tale of a beautiful princess and an evil witch appeared on the screen in 1959 and remains a classic kid's animated movie. this film is a tale of good versus evil and has a cast of cute dwarfs. What could be finer?

  4. "The Little Mermaid." Ariel, a mermaid and the featured character of this best kid's film released in 1989, knows how to rock the undersea community with a series of hits, including the adult toe tapper, "Under the Sea." The film retells the story, with embellishment, that Hans Christian Andersen first published.

  5. "The Jungle Book." Rudyard Kipling's classic tale of a boy and the animals he meets in the jungle came to the big screen as an animated feature in 1967. Disney the master of early animated films, again scores with a classic kid's film that features the voice of the late, great character actor Sterling Holloway as the voice of the snake. 

  6. "Dumbo." A tear jerker for children and adults alike, this animated feature about a baby elephant offers a way to talk to kids about losing a family member. The movie, released in 1941, continues to entertain children in releases by the Disney commercial sales machine. 

  7. "The Lion King." More sadness here when the baby lion loses his dad in this 1994 animated film, but the overall message is a positive one of hope and redemption. Not bad for an animated feature. More Disney folks at work on this classic. 

  8. "Pinocchio." Although the story first appeared in print in 1880, it took Disney until 1940 to turn it into a best kid's animated movie.  The plot follows the exploits of a cobbler who wills his puppet into a human boy. The film also stars Figaro the Cat and Cleo the Fish, to complete the odd triumvirate. 

  9. "Bambi." Another Disney tear jerker about a baby deer left to fend alone with a mother. The 1942 release returns to home television screens through various releases over the decade. Bambi is joined by his friends Tumper and a host of forest animals for his life journey. Classic vintage animation. 

  10. "Peter Pan." Kids believe in Peter Pan and never grow old. The 1953 film animates the tale that J.M. Barrie first published about a flying boy who turns down his options in growing old. It's a bit of an odd spin since most kids want to age quickly, but the flying business never ceases to amaze and provide enjoyment.