The ten best anime soundtracks is a great list of hit anime songs that will keep you jamming to your favorite Japanese artists while reminding of your favorite animes. Our list features wide-variety of animes, artists, and genres of music. So without further ado, here’s our list of ten best anime soundtracks in no particular order.

  1. Nightmare - “The WORLD” We start our list with a real classic from the extremely popular anime "Death Note." Nightmare’s “The WORLD” is a killer tune with great guitar riffs and stunning vocals. This song will definitely be one that you want to check out the full version of!

  2. The Seatbelts - “Tank” Another classic from the popular anime is this jazzy little tune from “the Seatbelts;” a band formed just for the music featured in "Cowboy Bebop." While the vocals aren’t long or stunning, the full-version is extremely jazzy and fun to hum to.

  3. L’Arc-en-Ciel - “Ready, Steady Go” From the original version of FMA, this classic is a great rock track for the ages. Like others on this list, it’s not sung exclusively in Japanese but also has an English chorus. It’s a great track to rock-out too think about one of our favorite animes!

  4. The Far Far Side - “Haruka Kanata” This favorite from the extremely-popular anime is one of our favorites on our list of ten best anime soundtracks. “Haruka Kanata,” an upbeat rock song, has a great beat that will keep you humming all day long.

  5. High and Mighty Color - “Ichirin no Hana” Certainly one of the darker songs on our list, “Ichirin no Hana” is a killer track by the popular Japanese rock band. Not only was this song a hit with the anime but it was also widely-popular outside of the realm of Bleach and anime fans.

  6. Sadie - “Toge” This song is the newest one our list of best anime soundtracks, but it still deserves a spot with its staying power and intensity. “Toge” is an awesome single from the J-rock band Sadie that features tantalizing riffs, excellent vocals, and a full-version that really shines!

  7. Nujabes - “Battlecry” Another hit from the popular Nujabes, an infamous Japanese rapper who enjoyed some success as a song writer and rapper, “Battlecry” is an awesome song sung exclusively in English. “Battlecry” symbolizes the short-lived reign of Samurai Champloo, arguably in the ranks of other popular animes on our list.

  8. The Seatbelts - “The Real Folk Blues” Here’s another popular favorite from Cowboy Bebop. “The Real Folk Blues,” in contrast to “Tank” is a gut-wrenching ballad with excellent guitar riffs and haunting vocals. “The Real Folk Blues” symbolizes the anime and its path of destruction.

  9. Jason Paige - “Pokemon Theme” Yeah, you know it had to be on here. Come on now, what 90’s kid or parent hasn’t heard this song a hundred times much less hummed it a thousand? While some may argue that “Pokemon” wasn’t an anime, (maybe a colt to some?) it certainly deserves a spot on our list simply for its staying power in modern American society.

  10. Maximum the Hormone - “What’s up, people?!” Now let’s end our list on a high note. For our final song on our ten best anime soundtracks of all time, we’ve ended where we started: "Death Note." While this might be an ode to the popularity of the series, we’re more interested in music here. “What’s up, people?!” is an awesome track with heavy metal screaming, a catchy chorus, and a highly-entertaining video. Even if you’re not a fan of the anime, we would highly recommend checking out the full-version of this song!