Anime is great and here is a 10 best anime movies list to help you find the greatest anime movies ever! Not all anime fans will agree on what should be at the top of best anime movies list. This list could tell you what movies any anime lover should see, but no this list is about that nostalgic feeling you get when first see the movies.

  1. "Dragon Ball Z: The World’s Strongest" is the second movie in the Dragon Ball Z series. This movie was chosen, because If you are new to the series it’s very engaging and not very hard to follow. The World’s Strongest is about the Z Fighters struggle against an evil scientist who calls them to fight his henchmen in order to find the strongest warrior in the world. Goku, the story’s hero, shows up after the Z warriors and proves to be too much for the scientist to handle.

  2. "Naruto: Bonds" is the second movie of the animated series. This movie made the best anime movies list, because this Naruto movie shows how the series can provide a great story line along with all the ninja battles. The movie doesn’t have the best fights, but really makes up for it with the story.

  3. "Spirited Away" was put on this best anime movies list, because it is very innocent with a lot of adult choices for a young girl to make. She is thrown into a world ruled by a witch and spirits. Humans that are caught up in this world must work for them in a bath house. The little girl is a brat in the beginning of the story, but changes for the better after her ordeal.

  4. "Princess Mononoke" is a rich story that tells of a young man’s urgent journey to find the source of a curse put on him by a demon. He finds a mining village in the mountains that is under siege by huge beasts and a young woman, Princess Mononoke. He must calm the beasts and return their forest to normal before his curse can be lifted and his life saved.

  5. "Steam Boy" is about a young kid who is living in the industrial revolution of his country. He has a great mind for machines and uses his talent to help himself to overcome difficult obstacles. This movie inspires to create and provides great imaginative action scenes.

  6. "Howl’s Moving Castle" will sweep you off your feet and set you back down on earth completely entranced. A young woman has found herself in the arms of a wizard named Howl. A curse is put on her by an evil witch that makes her an old woman. This old lady now has to earn the heart of Howl for her curse to be lifted.

  7. "Ponyo" is a strange little tale set in Japan that begins with a little boy catching an odd looking fish in the ocean. This fish has magical powers and turns herself into a little girl. Together they go on a strange magical adventure to help their little village from the little girl’s uncontrolled power.

  8. "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" is a great addition to any anime movie collection. This movie tells about a girl who can travel in time and finds out the hard way about how her powers affect the lives of the people she loves.

  9. "Akira" is a well-known anime about a street thug who uncovers an evil plot by his government. This anime should be watched because it is so acclaimed (not to mention a great conversation starter). The movie is really cool and was defiantly ahead of its time of production.

  10. Last, but not least on the best anime movies list is "Ghost in the Shell". The story is set in the future about a group of hackers called sector 9. This is a beautifully made mystery that explores the morals of political decisions and the value of the soul.