There are so many, how do you choose the ten best 3D animated movies? 3D animated movies have really become popular in the year 2000. Who doesn’t like a good animated movie? Adding 3D to an animated movie just makes it that much better. Certain flicks on this particular list will make any and every similar list. Other 3D animated movies on this list may be slightly obscure. Which means, you need to see that particular 3D animated flick. Well here are the best 3D animated movies.

  1. “9” (2009). This particular movie didn’t make much noise in the theatres, but it’s totally bad ass. It’s about a post apocalyptic world where humans have all died. Bummer. On the bright side, however, nine puppets infused with the soul of a genius are left with the task of saving the world from corrupt technology. Yeah it sounds weird, but it’s a must see.

  2. “Despicable Me” (2010). The world's greatest criminal mastermind adopts three kids. Sounds funny right? Well it is. Imagine trying to take over the world while taking three kids to the theme park. Hilarious

  3. “Megamind” (2010). What happens when the super hero retires? Well, the villain steps into the roll of hero. Or, at least he tries...and fails miserably. Another fun SD animated movie to check out.

  4. “Monster House” (2006). A group of brave kids venture into an old man's house. Little do they know that he's being held captive by the house. This is a cool "scary" movie that kids will enjoy.

  5. “UP” (2009). This movie won all sorts of awards and is easily one of the best 3D animated flicks ever. An aging man decides to take a trip around the world in his house. It's very funny though the ending is slightly saddening.

  6. “How To Train Your Dragon” (2010). In a world where hunting dragons proves your manhood, a young, weakling of a Viking inadvertently befriends a baby dragon. They story follows the growing relationship between these two unlikely friends. The best part of this 3D animated flick are the flying scenes. You'll think you're actually soaring with the dragons.

  7. “Toy Story” (1995). This franchise follows the lives of a kid’s toys. A very interesting premise that helps to create one of the greatest animated franchises of all time. Kids love the “Toy Story” movies and so will you.

  8. “Monster’s Versus Aliens.” (2009). A huge, as in skyscraper height, woman and her three weird looking friends take on an onslaught of alien invaders. Yeah, it's a good flick. No real storyline, but a good movie all the same.

  9. “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” (2009). An entire town is starving. A crazy inventor figures out how to turn rain into food. Seeing cheeseburgers fall from the sky in 3D is pretty cool. You'll be hungry at the end of this flick.

  10. “Avatar” (2010). This movie needs no explanation. Just see it. It’s like something you’ve never seen before. It’s easily one of the greatest movies ever made, 3D animated or otherwise.