Here are 10 awesome anime movies that every fan of the genre must see.  These movies are awesome for a reason with colorful characters, epic battles and bizarre plots.  In other words, they make for great anime.

  1. "Akira" - In a post nuclear Japan, experiments were conducted on children turning them into super beings.  Akira is one such child, who happens to come across a normal teen and chaos ensues.  A ground-breaking anime with beautiful animation and creative use of sound, Akira is still considered a classic today.

  2. "Ghost in the Shell" - In the future, hackers are a threat to the world and a covert organization works to stop them. Half human, half-cyborg,  Motoko Kusanagi has to deal with a rogue hell-bent on destruction while dealing with her own issues.  The plot may be hard to follow but you'll enjoy every minute of it.

  3. "Vampire Hunter D" - A classic battle of good vs. evil with a half-man half-vampire as the title character.  Although it's got a traditional storyline with D riding int the town, destroying a 10,000 year old vampire, and saving a fair damsel in distress, there's still plenty of gory good fun to be had.   Character development and a linear plot make this one of the most awesome anime movies ever made.

  4. "Grave of the Fireflies" - While most anime movies tend to be violent, there are still a few out there that make you think.  This awesome anime is the tale of two orphans, victims of war, and is comprised mainly of flashbacks on their lives.  A beautiful film and a must-see, even for non-anime fans.

  5. "Ninja Scroll" - Any anime with ninjas has to be good, but add demons and you're in for a one heck of a good time.  A Ninja for hire battles a variety of demons, each with their own power in this wonderfully animated film.

  6. "Spirited Away" - This awesome anime movie is one you can actually watch with the kids.  "Spirited Away" is the story of ten year old Chihiro who inadvertently discovers a bathhouse full of demons and spirits.  Unlike most anime, the dubbing on this is pitch-perfect.  A joy to watch.

  7. "Princess Mononoke"  - "Princess Mononoke" is one of the highest grossing films in Japan, with good reason.   The story, involving the constant struggle between humans and nature, has a message but doesn't overwhelm with preachiness.  And the beautiful visuals will keep you watching and re-watching time and time again.  Another awesome anime.

  8. "Steamboy" - Think of this anime movie as steampunk before it became mainstream.  This plot of this 2004 release revolves around a boy in 19th Century Britain caught in the ultimate battle for sustainable energy.  Seriously.  The gadgets, gears and impossibly cool machinery come to life in this anime film.

  9. "My Neighbor Totoro"  - One of the most "cutest" anime movies ever produced, "My Neighbor Totoro" is about two young girls who meet a wood spirit.  Who happens to look like a big cuddly stuffed bunny.  But don't let the cute fool you, this funny tale has plenty to offer both kids and adults.  Another awesome anime movie.

  10. "Perfect Blue" - A psychological thriller, "Perfect Blue" eschews traditional anime plots in favor of old fashioned Hitchcockian twists and turns.  A pop star decides to change her career and a stalker is very, very upset with that.  A fluid plot and interesting characters make this little-known movie one of the best animes around.