The 10 action animated movies include classics since the 1940s. While animation techniques have changed over the decades, quality animation standards remain consistent. Great action animated movies require a decent plot, interesting characters worth watching and animation that doesn't call attention to the fact that it' taken from stagnant drawings and brought to life through animation. These qualities are the same as any non-animated film, but the producers of an action animated film must also draw their stars. It's a tough job. 

  1. "Toy Story" Disney-Pixar's film about Baby Boomer toys was first released in 1995 and several sequels have hit the screens since that time. The toys carry the action in this collection with a storyline that takes the group out and about on the town. Although the toys are depicted as actual toy size, the group hits the sidewalk and hides in vehicles to take the animated action to where toys don't normally hang out. 

  2. "A Bug's Life" Bugs are not generally thought of as having a life worth inspecting at any great length—unless, of course, you're five. That's just the point of this film. Bugs, according to the filmmakers, do have lives and have troubles just like any human. 

  3. "Antz" More animation for fans of bugs and things that crawl on the ground. This animation action film released in 1998 tracks the plight of a group of ants tired of following the crowd. Mix in a little princess action and you have the plot points. 

  4. "Cars" The stars of this 2006 film are cars, but not your ordinary run-of-the-mill cars; these cars can talk. Human emotions are the focus of this action film based on racing and competition. 

  5. "Astro Boy" This animated kid knows how to deal with the bad guys. The bionic boy tale tells the complex tale of a robot boy with powers and what he decides to do with them. 

  6. "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" A mystery, noir and action film all rolled into one movie, this 1988 mixes animation and live action to the point that it appears seamless. Roger Rabbit is framed for a crime and his sexy gal is out to clear his name. Roger and Jessica are animated, but the private dick they hire to clear Roger's name is the very real Bob Hoskins. 

  7. "Mary Poppins" While Mary and her cohorts are human, animation is required in this film classic released in 1964. Mary's animated action antics, that including flying among other things, have her taking care of her young charges with the magic of animation. Dick Van Dyke also stars as the flying chimney sweep. 

  8. "The Rocketeer" If you enjoy flying, this live action and animated movie about a superhero was released in 1991. Although the film uses live action, the characters are highly stylized so that the animation fits in well with the action. In case the film title doesn't give the plot away, the Rocketeer fights crime using his rocket skills to get places fast. Lots of flying in this film. 

  9. "Avatar" This Academy Award favorite released in 2009 takes action animation to the most modern technique in this film that uses real life actors to carry that action that was then transferred to animation screens. The message of the film is protection of the environment. More flying going on in this action film. 

  10. "Fantasia" and "Fantasia 2000" The original action animated movie saw witches and dancing hippos and impressed audiences in 1940. The original action animated film was so impressive that each year the film was released for limited theatrical performance. In 2000, filmmakers made a new Fantasia and carried on the historic tradition with more dancing and classical music.