All Will Smith hero movies seem to turn into blockbuster hits. Will Smith has the film industry on lockdown when it comes to big budget summer movies in which he portrays the hero. Over the years Will Smith's movie characters have battled aliens, robots, and zombies. He always brings charm and a bit of humor to his hero roles thanks to the actors natural likability. Even though Will Smith has saved the world more than once, the hero based movies always have drastically different plots.

  1. "Men in Black" Will Smith's character Agent J is a tough street cop who gets asked to come into a government agency for special testing. Turns out, it is secret organization set in place to keep the aliens under control. Agent J takes a job at the agency, and gets paired with Agent K, a seasoned government agent. This Will Smith hero movie revolves around Agent k and Agent J saving the planet from an alien terrorist set on destroying Earth. The 1997 movie was so popular it has spawned a sequel.

  2. "I Am Legend" This 2007 Will Smith hero movie is based in a  post-apocalyptic world. Smith portrays the brilliant scientist Robert Neville who has survived to become the last human alive. Along with his dog, Robert lives day by day trying to out smart the humans turned carnivorous beings. He keeps hoping someone else is alive in the world, and goes out searching everyday for life. Robert takes it upon himself to be a hero by finding a cure to reverse the virus effects. It's an action packed, and emotionally moving movie.

  3. "Independence Day" Will Smith plays a cocky pilot who becomes a hero by battling an alien invasion. The 1996 blockbuster movie also stars Jeff Goldblum as an ex-scientist who teams up with Smith's character to save humanity. The two heroes desperately try and save the world from destruction during a war of the species. Throughout Will Smith's character brings much comedic relief to the action packed movie.

  4. "Hancock" Will Smith stars as a superhero who goes from being loved, to loathed. His total disregard for public property left the public in uproar, and his image damaged. In hopes of saving his superhero status, Hancock hires a PR agent to make him likable. The Will Smith hero movie is a twist on the usual heroic characters he portrays, which is refreshing to watch. The movie was a blockbuster success and grossed $227 million.

  5. "I, Robot" This sci-fi fantasy movie has Will Smith starring as a cop investigating a murder. The year is 2035 and robots are servants in homes. Del does not trust that every thing is picture perfect with the robots, and he questions if humans really have complete control over them. He soon believes the murder was caused by one of the robots, and an all out human verses robot war starts. The 2004 Will Smith hero movie has him trying to save mankind from being wiped out by robots.

                             -Natalie Kuchik