Indiana Jones is an adventure hero brought to life by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, and the four Indiana Jones movies that have been released have expanded into an international phenomenon. Indiana Jones may be the first cinematic college professor who can actually kick some butt. In his spare time, Indiana Jones scours the world for its priceless mementos. Enjoy these facts about the four Indiana Jones movies, featuring a hero who can sit beside James Bond and Sherlock Homes.

"Raiders of the Lost Ark" This is the movie that began it all, and took Harrison Ford from being recognized as Han Solo from the "Star Wars" series, to becoming known as a new hero - Indiana Jones. This classic 1981 action-adventure film is where the audiences gets to meet Indiana Jones in the midst of his dual life - college professor and archeologist. His fear of snakes and craftsmanship with a bullwhip are also put to the test. The George Lucas as producer and Steven Spielberg as director partnership has continued through every subsequent Indiana Jones installment. The formula for every movie includes Indiana Jones on an exotic adventure in a different country, a precious artifact that is being sought - this time it is the Ark of the Covenant, a trusted assistant and a new girlfriend usually tags a long as well.

"Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" Released in 1984, this is the second installment, where the Indiana Jones movie series took a decidedly darker turn. While in India, Indiana Jones must find a powerful stone that is being misused as part of an evil plot by a murderous cult. The famous scene where Indiana Jones, his love interest Willie Scott and young sidekick Short Round are all riding in a cave mining car was actually shot using miniature figurines. And speaking of love interests, actress Kate Capshaw who played Willie Scott would go on to marry director Steven Spielberg after the two met during the film shoot for this Indiana Jones movie.

"Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" By the sound of the title of this 1989 Indiana Jones movie, it would have appeared to be the final film to complete a trilogy - but that is obviously not the case. This time around Indiana Jones is shown in a short adventure from his past as a teenager played by River Phoenix, and his father is also introduced - with Sean Connery filling the role. The setting is in Italy, the artifact that is being pursued is the Holy Grail, and Indiana Jones' lover happens to be an ex-acquaintance of his father. To make matters worse - father and son do not get along. Steven Spielberg has openly admitted that he prefers Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade over Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. He feels this third film returns the series back to its more light-hearted roots. 

"Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" The summer movie-going season of 2008 marked the return of the man with the brown fedora and bullwhip. Harrison Ford reprised his role 19 years after the last Indiana Jones movie had been released. Indiana Jones spunky girlfriend Marion Ravenwood, played by Karen Allen, from Raiders of the Lost Ark returned to the series. And as with every Indiana Jones movie, Indy pursues this adventure with a new partner named Mutt, a 1950's leather jacket-wearing biker played by the charismatic Shia LaBeouf. The Crystal Skull is the treasure that Indiana Jones is after, and it has supernatural powers that a Soviet leader played by Cate Blanchett is trying to obtain.