Ah yes, tragic heroes in movies. What makes a character a tragic hero? Tragic heroes are those guys or girls that display endearing qualities that are easy for the audience to connect with. They may be courageous, or honorable or a whole host of other characteristics. The problem is, with a tragic hero, they tend to have one glaring weakness that threatens to destroy them. Even more amazing is how these tragic heroes often have the same tragic flaws you display, which makes it even easier to relate to them. Check out these tragic heroes in the movies. Which one are you most like? 

  1. Anakin Skywalker of the "Star Wars" saga "Star Wars" fan or not, everyone knows who this guy is. He's the super talented, incredibly powerful young Jedi that ends up turning to the Dark Side of the force. What most of you may not know is why he turned to the Dark Side. Anakin was courageous, and self sacrificing, even extremely moral. His one fatal flaw was fear. He was deathly afraid of losing anyone he cared about. More specifically, he was scared to death to lose his wife. This fear eventually took him over. It consumed his every thought and action until all he could think about was finding a way to save the woman he loved. This fear caused him to look for self serving avenues with which to save her. Eventually, the audience witnesses the corruption of a once decent and moral soul, as he kills friends, and other students in a vain attempt to gain enough power to keep his wife alive.  

  2. Michael Corleone of "The Godfather" trilogy Yes, Michael Corleone is a tragic hero in the movies. Think about it. He was a war veteran. He was incredibly intelligent and driven. He was determined to stay out of the "family business." His drive and his intelligence gave him at ironclad pride. It's that pride that eventually gets the best of him. Michael couldn't stand for people to get the best of him. He got into the business to get revenge on the guys that tried to kill his father. And it was his pride that kept him in the business as he tried to turn the family business legit. But, it was also his pride that made him destroy all of his enemies as well. That very pride tore his family apart and eventually left him to die alone. 

  3. Alonzo Harris from "Training Day" You have to admit, when you saw this flick, you thought Alonzo was a straight up bad-ass. And he was. He was a narcotics detective that controlled the cops and the scourge in the streets. He was swimming knee deep in the crap and was thriving in it. His one fatal flaw was his temper. Couple that with an unhealthy amount of ambition, and there's no wonder he looked like Swiss Cheese at the end of the film.

  4. Remy from "Repo Men"   This guy was Mr. company man. All he thought about was the job. It's that very devotion that leads him to lose his family, and a few vital organs. Just because he wanted to do his job. When he can't pay for his organ transplants, the very job he was slavishly devoted to comes after him. His tragic hero flaw was his inability to know when to quit. though he valiantly tries to escape and bring others with him... He just ends up a vegetable.

  5. Fox from "Wanted" Here's another tragic case of someone that doesn't know when to bend the rules. She was an expert assassin with a very rigid moral code. Problem is, her boss was manipulating the very code she stood for. He had her killing innocent targets for his personal monetary gain. Instead of calling it quits, she decided to take her own life, along with her entire team of assassins.