For a guys’ film night, the top 10 action movies of 2008 will provide the perfect adrenaline rush. The movies below are available on DVD and are full of explosions, gunfights, and martial arts. Get ready to watch super heroes, spies, and tough femme fatales in action.

  1. “The Dark Knight” - Christopher Nolan’s Batman sequel gave viewers one of the top action movies of 2008. Not only were there great Batmobile chase scenes and unbelievable stunts, but Health Ledger gave the performance of a lifetime as the Joker.

  2. “iron man” - This top action movie of 2008 features Robert Downey Jr. as a rich but genius playboy who soon finds himself wanted by both Afghanistan and the U.S. when he creates an amazing impenetrable suit. The scenes with his iron man ensemble are packed with action and explosions.

  3. “Taken” - Liam Neeson stars as a father out to find his abducted daughter at all costs. Although she has been sold into trafficking in the depths of Paris, Neeson’s character quickly seeks her out, using his ex-CIA skills. The body count in this top action movie of 2008 racks up as the protagonist goes on a killing spree.

  4. “Quantum of Solace” - In this 2008 action movie, Daniel Craig is back as James Bond, and he is out to avenge his love from the previous film. Of course, along the way, he finds a new girl and undergoes numerous fights, car chases, and interrogations to undercover a conniving villain’s water supply conspiracy.

  5. “10,000 B.C.” - This movie will transport you all the way to the prehistoric age. The action movie from 2008 tracks a young hero who must hunt down mammoth creatures for the livelihood of his tribe. The special effects brings mammoths, saber toothed tigers, and pterodactyl-like birds to life.

  6. “Body of Lies” -A top 2008 action movie, “Body of Lies” also gives audiences a political war thriller. Leonardo DiCaprio plays a CIA agent attempting to out terrorists in Jordan. His goals become less clear, however, when orders from his superiors start to differ. The movie is full of suspenseful cat-and-mouse chases.

  7. “Pride and Glory” - In this action movie from 2008, Edward Norton and Colin Farrell play cops who are also family. Soon, however, the family is plunged into turmoil when police corruption accusations are directed at one of them. There are a lot cop-related moments of action and suspense throughout the film.

  8. “Wanted” - Angelina Jolie helms this 2008 action blockbuster as Fox, an expert assassin. With the help of Morgan Freeman’s character, she trains an unsuspecting cubicle worker to become a fellow hitman. Insane action scenes are featured in this film, including dodging bullets while hanging on the hood of a car. 

  9. “eagle eye” - This top action movie from 2008 features young rising stars Shia LeBeouf and Rosario Dawson. LeBeouf plays a twin, whose brother has been recently killed. He one day receives a call that starts a chain reaction of events and forces him to flee for his life. A mysteriou eagle eye caller continues communicating with him, directing his every move in this strange mystery.

  10. “Vantage Point” - In this action movie from 2008, the president is shot during a speech and all chaos breaks loose. The film then re-examines the incident from several different perspectives. Dennis Quaid, Forest Whitaker, and Sigourney Weaver star as just a few of the different bystanders that attempt to uncover the true assassin.