What are the top 10 action movies 2010? A number of movies were released throughout the year, including many thrillers and adventure films. Ten movies rate as the best action adventure films released in 2010.

  1.  “Predators” This survival of the fittest film pits a group of accomplished killers against an alien race in a science fiction fight for survival. Stereotypical action characters are dropped from the sky into a jungle in another world to defeat at unknown enemy, leading to lots of action as both the characters and the viewers learn exactly who the enemy is and why the humans have been sent to destroy them.

  2.  “Salt” Angelina Jolie stars in this action movie as C.I.A. agent Evelyn Salt. Salt becomes targeted as a Russian spy identifies her as a double agent intending to assassinate the Russian President during a visit to the United States. Agent Salt fights to survive while protecting her husband and searching for the truth to clear her name.

  3.  “Repo Men” This futuristic, science fiction film, casts Jude Law and Forest Whitaker as “repo-men” of the future. The film is set in a time when bodily organs are easily, but expensively, replaced by artificial ones. Missed organ payments yield a not-so-friendly visit from men paid to repossess those pieces of property, and not even repo-men are exempt from repayment.

  4.  “Green Zone” Starring Matt Damon, “Green Zone” is set in Baghdad at the start of the Iraqi War. The action packed, military themed film follows Damon’s character, Army Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller on a search for weapons of mass destruction. The search for the truth guides the characters through a film packed with fast paced action.

  5.  “Inception” “Inception” stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Dom Cobb, a well versed thief with expertise in corporate espionage. The film is dotted with plot twists and fast paced action, leading up to a near cliff-hanging ending.

  6.  “Machete” “Machete” is certainly not an Oscar contender, but it brings together an eclectic cast of characters, including Robert DeNiro, Lindsay Lohan and Don Johnson, for a non-stop action movie. Danny Trejo stars at Machete, an ex-Mexican Federale, faced with finding justice when he is double-crossed in a murder for hire scheme.

  7.  “Tron: Legacy” This Oscar nominated film stars Jeff Bridges and Garrett Hedlund in a futuristic quest in a virtual world. Hedlund’s character Sam Flynn must encounter the legacy built in a virtual world created by his own father, played by Jeff Bridges, imprisoned in that world for 20 years.

  8.  “Iron Man 2” Super hero alter ego Tony Stark, portrayed by Robert Downey Jr., is pressed to share his scientific technology and expertise with the U.S. military. Stark, brought from behind in Iron Man secret identity, must fight to protect his secrets and form new allies and liaisons in unexpected sources.

  9.  “Clash of the Titans” A fight of good vs. evil ensues as Perseus, the mythological son of Zeus, battles the underworld to save the world. Sam Worthington stars as Perseus with Liam Neesen cast as his father, Zeus, and Ralph Fiennes as nemesis Hades. Fantasy action and a mythology lesson combine in this updated film.

  10.  “The Expendables” “The Expendables” will not go down in history as Sylvester Stallone’s finest film work, but is a decent action and adventure movie for 2010. Stallone, in his role as Barney Ross, leads a group of diversely skilled mercenaries in an attempt to assassinate a cruel, South American dictator.