The 10 best action movie explosions presents jaw dropping pyrotechnics that often serve no purpose other than to make people stand and cheer. These movies lead their characters into dangerous situations and either have them solve it by blowing something up or run for their lives from the explosion devastating the land behind them.

“Die Hard 2” – “Die Hard” is about one liners and blowing things up. John McClane finds himself in another terrorist situation, this time aboard an airplane. Afte fighting his way out, he shoots a fuel tank and, as the plane takes off, uses his lighter, gives his classic line and the plane goes boom.

“Predator” – This action movie explosion comes at the end of the movie as Arnold Schwarzenegger watched the alien massacre most of his team. When Schwarzenegger finally gets to the Predator’s spacecraft he sees almost too late a detonator and runs as the alien blows himself up at the end.

“Star Wars” – In the first “Star Wars” film, the Rebellion has to destroy the Death Star. There is only one weak point on the space station and it is up to Luke Skywalker to fly to it and blow the ship up. The explosion is a big victory for the good guys.

“Jaws” – Not all action movie explosions involve giant buildings or vehicles. In “Jaws,” a giant shark terrorizes a small resort town and the local sheriff teams up with two other men to hunt down the shark and kill it. With a gas canister and a rifle, the sheriff finally blows the evil shark to kingdom come.

“Source Code” – Explosions occur a number of times in this sci-fi action flick. Jake Gyllenhaal is a soldier sent into the body of a man who died on a train explosion minutes before it happens. He has to find out where the bomb is and who set it off and relives the explosion over and over until he does.

“Hurt Locker” – This war movie features a dramatic action movie explosion. Jeremy Renner stars as a member of an explosive disposal unit in the Iraq War. The team deactivates numerous bombs but the one time they fail, and the bomb detonates, the repercussions are devastating.

“Independence Day” – One of the most iconic action movie explosions occurs in this Roland Emmerich disaster movie. Most of the directors movies feature a plethora of explosions but the one that stands out is when the alien spacecraft hovers over the White House and, with one blast, blows it up.

“The Dark Knight”Christopher Nolan created one of cinema’s greatest action films with this Batman movie. While the film features many great scenes, one of the most inspired is the action movie explosion where The Joker walking out of a hospital in a candy striper gown and then blowing the entire building up behind him.

“The Marine”WWE superstar John Cena stars in this movie as a marine whose girlfriend is kidnapped and he sets out to save her and seek vengeance against the men who took her. The movie features too many action movie explosions including one where John Cena leaps through the fire unscathed.

“Fight Club” – This David Fincher movie is a puzzling feature that flips everything on itself at the explosive conclusion. Once the Narrator realizes he is Tyler Durdin, he finally agrees to just go with the plan and sets of an action movie explosion that blows up all the bank buildings in the town.

-Shawn Lealos