In the 1999 blockbuster "The Mummy," the cast is considerable different from those in the original version from 1932. Here are five members of the cast that helped to make this such a great movie.

Brendan Fraser.

Fraser is the star of the show in "The Mummy." His character is adventurer and explorer Richard O'Connell, who normally goes by the name of Rick. His mission is to lead Evy and Jon to the lost city of Hamunaptra.

Rachel Weisz.

Weisz plays Egyptologist Evelyn Carnahan, who goes by Evy. She is in search of a rare book in Hamunaptra. It is because of her reading a page out of the Book of the Dead that the Mummy is resurrected, which is the focus of the movie.

John Hannah.

Cast member Hannah portrays Jonathan Carnahan, Evy's brother. He normally goes by Jon. He is a thief and has a fair grasp on reading ancient Egyptian writings. He is a marksman, which proves to be deadly against mummies. Jonathon is the one who finds the map to Hamunaptura.

Arnold Vosloo.

In "The Mummy," Vosloo's character, High Priest Imhotep, is the opposition for the main characters. He has several powers, including turning himself into sand and controlling the sands of the desert. His passion is to resurrect his mistress, Anck-su-namun, who previously committed suicide in hopes that she would indeed be resurrected by Imhotep.

Kevin J. O'Connor.

O'Connor plays the part of Beni Gabor, who is a Hungarian thief who was in the Foreign Legion with Rick three years earlier. He coincidentally meets up again with Rich in Hamunaptra. Gabor is persuaded by Imhotep to be his henchman in return gold, a decision that became his fate.