"The Expendables" cast has quite the ensemble cast. Most are veteran actors, legends even, who starred in blockbuster action flicks during the 80s and early 90s. Joining these seasoned greats are actors who have become more popular in recent years.

  1. Randy Couture. His supporting role as demolitions expert Toll Road has been a breakthrough for this popular UFC fighter. This former UFC light-heavyweight and heavyweight champion has played bit roles in television and the movies but he never had a project as big as “The Expendables” before. The ex-champion has said that he may be retiring soon so fans may expect more appearances by “The Natural” in the silver screen.

  2. Eric Roberts. One of the most underrated actors in all of Hollywood, Eric Roberts plays the part of James Munroe in "The Expendables." His knack for playing bad guys landed him the role. In typical Eric Roberts style, his villainous person in “The Expendables” is smooth and suave.

  3. Dolph Lundgren. Lundgren was cast as elite sniper Gunnar Jensen in "The Expendables". Jensen was part of the heroic band of mercenaries but was released because of psychological and drug problems. He eventually betrayed his former team and opted to work for James Munroe.

  4. Arnold Schwarzenegger. The former Governor of California took on the role of Trent Mauser, a rival mercenary leader. He meets with Barney Ross and the mysterious Mr. Church. Church offers the two a mission in the island of Vilena but Mauser decides to give the contract to Ross as he was busy with other projects.

  5. Bruce Willis. As the enigmatic, influential and seemingly powerful Mr. Church, Bruce Willis had but a short cameo role with Arnold Schwarzenegger. That scene with both Stallone and Schwarzenegger was incredibly fun to watch as three superstars never worked together before. Their onscreen banter only lasted a little over two minutes so fans were rather disappointed.

  6. Jet Li. This diminutive martial arts star plays the part of Yin Yang, a hand-to-han fighting master who works with Barney Ross. Li was part of that great action sequence where he fought Dolph Lundren onscreen. What made the fight between Yin Yang and Gunnar Jensen so memorable was that Jensen towered over and vastly outweighed his skillful but smaller opponent in what seemed to be a gross mismatch.

  7. Steve Austin. After his stint in professional wrestling, Austin slowly built his acting resume appearing mostly in direct-to-video releases. In “The Expendables,” Austin is Paine, Jack Munroe's hulking henchman. Although Austin still makes occasional appearances in professional wrestling as a commentator and at times, a referee, upcoming movie projects will keep “Stone Cold” busy for the next few years.

  8. Jason Statham. This British actor has been constantly in demand as a leading man in recent years. He played the part of a former SAS soldier and blade expert, Lee Christmas. The beautiful Charisma Carpenter is cast as Christmas' love interest.

  9. Mickey Rourke. The grizzled and mercurial actor took on the role of Tool, a small arms dealer who happens to own a tattoo parlor. This one-time Oscar nominees character was not an active member of Barney Ross' posse but was well respected by everyone. A knife throwing competition between Tool and Christmas proved to be rather interesting as the former seemed to be just as skilled with a blade.

  10. Sylvester Stallone. Stallone showed off his versatility by directing and taking on part of the writing chores in “The Expendables.” Stallone plays the part of Barney Ross, the leader of a band of mercenaries. He takes his men to the fictional nation of Vilena to overthrow a dictator.


- Russell Deza