These terrifying plane crash scenes from movies are both sickening and disturbing. These movies feature some of the most horrific plane crashes ever featured on the big screen. Because these are big-budget Hollywood productions, talented special effects teams are able to make these terrifying plane crash scenes from movies look so real. If you are squeamish, then pick another movie or shut your eyes tight when things get gory. If you're made of sterner stuff, if you don't mind seeing a little blood, burning flesh or severed limbs then by all means, enjoy the show! 

“Con Air”. Just because no one dies in a plane crash, it does not make it any less terrifying. The plane, which carried several convicts and a handful of prison guards was piloted by the maniacal “Garland Greene”. The huge aircraft was shot down by authorities and crashed over the Las Vegas strip. Greene's piloting skills ensured a relatively safe crash buy unfortunately, the rapist “Johnny-23” was handcuffed standing upright and the ensuing crash severed his arm. Law enforcement officers picked up his unconscious body with his arm still attached to the cuffs several feet away. If severed limbs is your kind of thing, then pick up a copy of “Con Air” and add it to your collection.


“Alive”. A plane carrying a rugby team from Uruguay crash lands in the snow covered Andes. The crash was horrible. Scores of passengers died from the violent impact. The survivors then rummage through whatever food was left in the aircraft to survive. But when their meager food stocks run out, they take to eating the remains of those who perished in the crash. It gets particularly gruesome when they start slicing of bits of skin and flesh from their dearly departed friends and begin chewing on the raw meat like it was a piece of jerky. To think that this actually happened makes everything even more disturbing. If you want a true-to-life movie about a terrifying aircraft crash then this is the one for you.

"Fight Club". This classic offers more than Edward Norton's acting genius and Brad Pitt's dashing good looks. It also features a truly horrifying mid-air collision. The scene only lasts about half a minute but weak-hearted audiences should be thankful it doesn't last any longer. A smaller aircraft hits the side of the plane Norton's character was on. The lighter plane rips through the jumbo jet like a hot knife through butter. The cabin slowly breaks apart as the craft goes into a tailspin. Seats with passengers still firmly strapped on are flung into the night sky as others watch in fright. Even if it is only a is a dream, the whole crash sequence is shocking but strangely surreal. Although half a minute might may seem too short for fans of catastrophic crashes, this is once instance where quality clearly trumps quantity.

“Independence Day”. When dozens of unidentified craft enter our atmosphere, the military orders a surveillance craft to get a closer look. Unfortunately for us, the invading aliens employ use a cloaking device to shield their ships from our radar. As the military scout plane gets closer to the invading alien craft, the personnel on board are unaware they are headed straight to their doom. The surveillance plane runs right into the enemy ship. The ensuing fireball gushes through the cabin and obliterates everyone and everything on board. Crash scenes are a dime a dozen. If you want a cool crash scene that incorporates a nice alien invasion plot, then this one is for you.

“Knowing”. Although the movie itself was a flop, the plane crash scene is one of the goriest in cinematic history. Nicolas Cage's character gets a front row seat to a devastating passenger airline crash. He frantically rushes to the scene and sees up close, the dead and the dying. Audiences winced as Cage attempted to pull a female passenger to safety only to have her skin peel off her limbs as he yanked her arms. With images like that “Knowing” surely has the most terrifying plane crash scenes from movies. You want realism? Then pick up a copy of “Knowing.”