Show Off Your Super Powers with these X Men Characters

Tuesday, September 20 by Ed Mulero

comic books what the Three Musketeers are to literature when it comes a collection of characters who band together to fight evil. Yet, the greatest threat against these super powered mutants isn't some alien monster or mobster, but prejudice and oppression from humanity, who is frightened about something they do not fully understand. Their evolution inside the colorful pages of the comics and live-action films illustrates how each has chosen their path, either working to bridge peace with others or hunting the so-called "weaker" species. It is no surprise that the characters in the "X-Men" comic books help to build the foundation for what has become one of the powerhouses in the medium, Marvel, and the film franchise.

Charles Xavier, aka Professor X. Don't let the character's wheelchair and bald head fool you. This powerful mutant telepath leads the "X-Men" and the School for Gifted Youngsters when not warring with his philosophical rival, Magneto. Charles Xavier uses the powerful instrument Cerebro to enhance his abilities in extreme cases when humanity is threatened by his powerful adversary. The figurehead of the "X-Men" is portrayed by Patrick Stewart in the films.

Magneto. His costume may make him look like a linebacker from the future, but underneath is a tortured character bent on mutant domination of the world. A Jewish Holocaust survivor feels his motives are to spare his mutant brethren from such atrocities by eliminating their immediate threat, humanity. His mutant power of magnetism prevents and weapon or foe to topple this Marvel villain. Sir Ian McKellan dons the helmet and cape to lead the rogue mutants against the "X-Men."

Wolverine. Tougher and possibly hairier than his namesake, he survives with a mutant healing factor to overcome wounds as well as a skeleton fused with adamantium metal. Known only as Logan in the Marvel comics, he suffers from a form of amnesia that makes his character's origins a mystery. He joins the "X-Men" relunctantly at first, but later on committs to a cause greater than himself in the films. Aussie actor Hugh Jackman help bring the famous brooding mutant to life.

Cyclops. The dedicated leader of the "X-Men" shows no fear in fighting for Professor Xavier's cause and defending humanity from Magneto. He may come across as a teacher's pet and a pushover, but look into his eyes and his foes will see a laser blast of epic proportions. His love interest is another student of the school and devotee to the cause in Jean Grey. James Marsden puts on the famed eye wear in the films to battle Magneto.

Jean Grey. A powerful mutant telepath like Professor X struggles with a hidden menace within her mind in the "X-Men" films. She is the love interest of Cyclops, but the inclusion of bad boy Wolverine makes the Marvel girl reconsider her options fairly quickly. Famke Janssen portrays the sexy mutant hottie with the ability to read minds and break hearts in the films. 

-Eduardo Camacho

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