Science fiction action movies are a staple of the genre, taking the smart ideas of the sci-fi world and injecting heart racing action and adventure. Whether these movies are about fighting aliens or discovering new worlds, they provide entertainment for the hard core and mainstream audiences alike.

  1. Terminator 2” – James Cameron creates this sequel to his science fiction action movie and turns up the volume. The special effects are cutting edge as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator returns to our world to save John Conner from an advanced model sent back to end the resistance.

  2. “Aliens” – This is another of the science fiction action movies by James Cameron, this time taking over the franchise started by Ridley Scott. While Scott’s movie was a straight horror flick, Cameron injected it with guns and bombs and made a solid action movie that just happened to have monsters.

  3. “Inception”Christopher Nolan took at break from making his “Batman” movies to create this mind puzzler in 2010. The movie presents men who are able to break into your mind and steal your thoughts. This is shows through amazing visuals, making it one of the most creative science fiction action movies of all time.

  4. “The Matrix” – In 1999, this science fiction action movie turned the genre upside down. Nothing like this had ever been seen as the Wachowski brothers invented the “bullet time” action sequences in one of the coolest movies ever made. The film is Biblical as computers take over the world until the savior returns to save us.

  5. “Blade Runner” – Ridley Scott directs this, one of the most critically acclaimed science fiction action movies of all time. Harrison Ford is a Blade Runner, a hunter sent out to track down and terminate renegade replicants, humanoid beings created to work for real humans.

  6. “Empire Strikes Back” – The second “Star Wars” movie remains the best science fiction action movie of the series. It is a rare movie, a sequel that eclipses the original, as well as a movie that allows the bad guys to win in the end.

  7. “Avatar” – James Cameron broke his own all-time box office record with the most successful science fiction action movie ever made. On a distant planet, humans have set up a mining colony with little regard for the beings that lived on the planet before they arrived.

  8. “Minority Report”Steven Speilberg directs this science fiction action movie starring Tom Cruise, taking place in the future. Cruise is a member of an elite police force that arrests criminals before they commit the crimes thanks to beings who can see the future. Cruise ends up on the run when they predict he will kill someone.

  9. “Independence Day” – Will Smith stars in this disaster film where aliens attack the planet Earth. There are giant scenes of destruction including the iconic moment where the White House is blown up by an alien ship. Roland Emmerich directs in one of his better science fiction action movies.

  10. “Transformers” – Based on the toy line, Michael Bay directs this science fiction action movie about a group of robots from outer space who come to Earth to save it from a group of evil robots. Shia LaBeouf stars as a guy who befriends the good robots and aids them in their battle.