Tarzan movies prove why the man who would be Lord Greystoke becomes the king of the jungle and puts the fear of a mountain lion into anyone who dares challenge him. His movie history packs tons of action and adventure along with his lovely companion, Jane, throughout the decades. Edgar Rice Burrough's famous character swings from long vines as his roars echo throughout the land. These movies are responsible for many young boys running around in their underwear, beating their chests and wrestling their toy animals. Movies featuring Tarzan give viewers a man of both great savagery and courage who prowls the deep depths of the jungle.

"Tarzan the Ape Man."

Johnny Wiessmuller, an Olympic swimmer, brought Tarzan to life in this movie about an expedition team who search for an elephant graveyard to get rich on the ivory. The movie introduced the trademark yell invented by the actor during filming and the rest was cinematic history. The actor definitely made an impression as he went on to star in twenty other Tarzan movies from 1932 to 1949.

"The New Adventures of Tarzan."

This Tarzan movie traded an Olympic swimmer for an Olympic shot-putter, Herman Brix, as the famed lord of the jungle who travel to Guatemala to find the Green Goddess. The bizarre thing about this latest addition to Lord Greystoke's mythos was the absence of Jane for Ula Vale, played by Ula Holt. Nothing like Mayan temples filled with idols and hidden jewels to bring the ape man out of his comfort zone. 

"Tarzan and the Valley of Gold."

Professional football player Mike Henry put on the famous loincloth as Tarzan in this movie that featured more action movie elements than adventure. A crime lord named Augustus Vinaro search for the city of gold with the help of a captured boy. The plot feels more like a James Bond spy thriller rather than a jungle adventure with a sexy moll named Sophia and an evil henchman called Mr. Train.

"Tarzan, the Ape Man."

Ms. Perfect 10 herself, Bo Derek, plays Jane Parker who joins her father, Richard Harris, in Africa to explore the depths of the wilderness in a new twist on the Tarzan movie. The famed ape man takes a bit of a back seat as he is only featured in a handful of scenes with Jane to establish their romantic connection. Sadly, the mighty presence of Tarzan could not save this cheese fest of an erotic spin on the legend with lame dialogue and bad acting. 

"Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes."

Christopher Lambert plays Tarzan in this movie which delves more into his roots as the decendant of the Greystoke noble family. Fans can appreciate the different viewpoint of Tarzan which starts from his savage roots as the lord of the apes to his return to civilization in order to reclaim his nobility. It is cool to see Connor MacLeod run around in a loincloth with primates and not wielding a sword to fight other immortals.

- Eduardo Camacho