Believe it or not, there are romantic adventure movies that don't suck. Really, they're out there. You just have to know where to find said cool Romantic Adventure movies. Lucky for you, the works bee taken care of. The best of the best Romantic adventure flicks are here. Yeah, no longer will your lady friends be able to trick you into sitting in on bad Romantic Adventure movies. These Romantic Adventure flicks have just enough action and adventure to balance out the sappy stuff. Here are the best Romantic Adventure movies.

  1. "Romancing the Stone" (1984). This Kathleen Turner vehicle is about a romance novelist that travels to Columbia to save her sister. She ends up in all types of trouble in the jungle. Lucky for her, and you all, that Michael Douglas is there to save the day, and the Romance Adventure. Without him, it would have been just another boring chick flick.

  2. "Avatar" (2009). Yeah, you sci-fi nerds will argue this until your respective faces look as blue as the cat-like creatures in the film. But, yes this is in fact a Romantic Adventure film. A guy falls in love with a princess, and helps to save her village and way of life. Sounds like a Romantic Adventure. The explosions and futuristic setting don't take away from the fact that there's lots of romance going on, but these things do make the flick rather kick ass.

  3. "The Princess Bride" (1987). A dashing swashbuckler races to save his true love from being hitched with some rather unscrupulous character. Sounds like some cheesy fairy tale right? Well, yeah it does. But, don't judge a cheesy Romantic Adventure by it's cover. This film actually pokes fun at all of the crappy romantic stories out there. Yes, this film is incredibly witty. You'll love this one.

  4. "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" (2005). Yup, you knew you'd see this one on here. Two super secret agents from rival companies happen to be married. When they get contracts to kill their spouses, craziness ensues. Angelina Jolie is hot as the sun in this flick. Oh, and there's more than enough guns and explosions to help your forget about any of the romance in the film.

  5. "Troy" (2004). Yeah, it's about a war. But, the entire war revolves around Helen of Troy. There is no Romantic Adventure in existence that can add up to this women. Imagine how she's feel if she had to armies warring over her. Anyway, you'll like the fight scenes and gratuitous sex.

  6. "The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons" (2008). This weird tale is about a man that's born old. As everyone else ages over time, he gets younger and younger. It's actually a great story. Yes, it's a love story of sorts, but Benjamin Buttons gets into a lot of trouble "growing up." There are quite a few action scenes sprinkled into the overall recipe of this film.