“Rocky” soundtrack songs are as integral to the movie franchise as anything else in this story of a small time boxe fighting his way to the top. Throughout the five movies in the series, Rocky fights an assortment of opponents and trains to be the best he can be while some of the greatest and, honestly, cheesiest tracks play over the background. However, there are a few songs that survive the test of time and just hearing them played brings back memories of these great sports cinematic classics.

  1. “Eye of the Tiger” – The classic rock band Survivor recorded “Eye of the Tiger,” and it became the signature song for “Rocky III.” The song, written for the movie, remains the biggest song from any of the “Rocky” movies. Today, the song is just as iconic as it is cheesy and fits the entire mood of the third movie in the series, starring Mr. T with a cameo by professional wrestler Hulk Hogan. When you think of “Rocky,” you think of this “Rocky” soundtrack song.

  2. “Gonna Fly Now” – Bill Conti’s classic theme song is what everyone thinks of when considering “Rocky” soundtrack songs based on the musical score of the movie. The song was altered slightly and appears in every movie in the series. Just hearing it makes a person want to race to the top of the steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This remains an iconic song that instantly brings memories of the movies and is used today by numerous sports teams as music to pump up the crowd.

  3. “Living in America” – By the fourth movie, the franchise had joined the growing group of jingoistic movies celebrating American patriotism during the Cold War. As Apollo Creed prepares to fight Ivan Drago, James Brown himself breaks out in song, singing Apollo’s entrance theme live as the man goes to the ring. The song signifies exactly what this movie is about as Apollo dies in the match and Rocky fights for his friend and country’s honor. It is the most iconic track from the fourth “Rocky” soundtrack songs.

  4. “Training Montage” – Possibly one of the best moments of any Rocky movie is when he trains for his fight. The most over-the-top and ridiculous is when he was working out, punching a giant slab of beef all to the “Rocky” soundtrack song “Training Montage.” The song was composed by Bill Conti, the same man who created “Gonna Fly Now.” Whenever the song plays, it brings up memories of the training sequences and the fact that someone thought it was a good idea to make a slab of beef action figure.

  5. “Hearts on Fire” – This is a song by John Cafferty from "Rocky IV," and it remains one of the better tracks on the “Rocky” soundtrack songs. The track is played as Rocky is in the Soviet Union, training for his fight with Ivan Drago. The song plays over a montage of Rocky training with Adrian by his side while Drago receives steroid injections. Once again, it is a song showing the evil foreigners cheating to win while good Americans have hearts on fire and possessing a strong desire to win.

- Shawn Lealos