Point Break Quotes

Wednesday, August 24 by Andrew Jett

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Every guy should know as many “Point Break” quotes as possible. Released in 1991, “Point Break” is the story of a rookie FBI agent who goes undercover to track down a group of bank-robbing surfers. With an all-star cast and a script packed with memorable quotes, “Point Break” is an action movie fan’s dream.

“You’re sayin’ the FBI’s gonna pay me to learn to surf?” Johnny Utah As Utah, a former college quarterback-turned-FBI agent, Keanu Reeves has plenty of good “Point Break” quotes. This line occurs toward the beginning of the movie when Utah learns that he’ll be going undercover, posing as a surfer on the beaches of Los Angeles.

“Twenty-two years. Man, L.A. has changed a lot during that time. The air got dirty and the sex got clean.” Pappas Gary Busey plays Angelo Pappas, a veteran FBI agent and Utah’s partner in “Poin Break.” Pappas serves as a father figure to Utah, providing insight and guidance with his quotes.

“One hundred percent pure adrenaline!” Bodhi A highlight of “Point Break” is Patrick Swayze’s portrayal of Bodhi, the intensely spiritual leader of the bank-robbing surfers who call themselves the Ex-Presidents. Bodhi is an adrenaline junkie and this quote captures his delight during a skydiving session.

“Peace, through superior firepower.” Roach Bodhi’s close friend Roach is a no-nonsense surfer and fellow member of the Ex-Presidents. Roach’s “Point Break” quote mask an unbridled intensity beneath his easy-going exterior. This quote comes shortly after a beach fistfight, where Roach observes Bodhi’s aggressive behavior.

“Who cares!” Tyler Ann Endicott As the irrepressible Tyler, Lori Petty provides a love interest for Utah in “Point Break.” At their first meeting, Tyler and Utah don’t get along, leading to this quote as she paddles away from the ocean encounter. It’s only after some sly pursuit by the undercover Utah that Tyler begins to warm up.

“I caught my first tube today…sir.” Johnny Utah As the “Point Break” plot unfolds, Utah develops a friendship with Bodhi and an attraction to Tyler as he works undercover gathering information on the two. He also gains a healthy love for surfing, using this quote to update his FBI superior on his progress.

“Utah! Get me two!” Pappas This memorable “Point Break” quote comes during a street-side stakeout, as Pappas and Utah watch over a bank for signs of the Ex-Presidents. Pappas gets hungry, and he sends Utah out for sandwiches, reminding him of his healthy appetite.

“Why be a servant to the law, when you can be its master?” Bodhi As Utah gets closer to cracking the case, Bodhi discovers his identity as an FBI agent. In one of the most intense “Point Break” scenes, Bodhi forces Utah to accompany the Ex-Presidents during a bank robbery. On the way to the bank, Bodhi uses this quote to explain his motivations to Utah.

“You crossed the line. People trusted you and they died. You gotta go down.” Johnny Utah Bodhi eludes capture until the final scene in “Point Break” when Utah confronts him on an Australian beach. The pair attempt to rationalize the situation to one another, and this quote is the basis for Utah’s argument.

“Vaya con Dios, Brah.” Johnny Utah After all their experiences together, Utah can’t bring himself to arrest Bodhi. Utah allows him to paddle out into the ocean and catch one more wave. This quote is his final goodbye, giving the indication that the pair could have been friends under different circumstances.

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