If you love big blockbuster movies then you're probably familiar with the "Pirates of the Caribbean" cast. The original movie was about how a blacksmith teams up with a pirate to help rescue the love of his life. She's been kidnapped by another pirate who's been curse, he and his crew, doomed for eternity to neither live nor die. The film was action packed with sword fights and a touch of mystery with the unveiling of the ancient curse. Here are the cast members to that started the franchise. 

  1. Captain Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp. Jack the pirate was a bit odd, a free spirit and would rather negotiate than have to fight. Johnny's performance was brilliant giving him an Oscar nomination. He began his career in the hit television show "21 Jump Street" and never looked back. He said goodbye to the small screen and has become one of Hollywood's most versatile movie leading actors.

  2. Elizabeth Swan played by Kiera Knightly. As a child Elizabeth fantasized about becoming a pirate only years later to be kidnapped by one. Kiera's big break came when she co-starred in the movie, "Bend It Like Beckham." After that she was asked to join the "Pirates of the Caribbean" cast. A star was born and this British actress has no intentions of slowing down. She's been nominated for an Oscar, Golden Globe and various other awards. 

  3. Will Turner played by Orlando Bloom. Will having lost Elizabeth tries to rescue her but must enlist the help of another pirate to do so. Orlando's career started in a television series as well. He then became an international star when he starred in the franchise "Lord of the Rings." The year after the last installment of LOR Orlando found himself in a new franchise as a "Pirates of the Caribbean" cast member.

  4. Captain Hector Barbossa played by Geoffrey Rush. Barbossa becomes cursed to live as a pirate-zombie when he discovers ancient Aztec gold coins. Geoffrey claim to fame was back when he played the lead role in the movie "Shine." He won an Oscar, Golden Globe and numerous other awards for "Shine." He's earned more accolades than any other actor on the "Pirates of the Caribbean" cast.

  5. Commodore James Norrington played by Jack Davenport. Norrington is in loved with Elizabeth just as much as Will Turner and will stop at nothing to rescue her from Barbossa. Jack's career has comprised mostly of roles in television series and supporting roles in movies. Being a "Pirates of the Caribbean" cast member is his biggest break in Hollywood thus far.