The great outdoors does not have to mean boring camping trips, especially with these five outdoor adventure movies for guys. Each of these outdoor extravaganzas offer danger, exploration, and the will to survive. Let the excitement stimulate your senses with these outdoor adventure movies for guys.

  1. "Raiders of the Lost Ark" The cinematic super powers of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg joined together to unleash this rugged version of James Bond with a whip and brown leather hat Indiana Jones. This initial installment is an outdoor adventure movie that will take guys from dangerous jungles to African marketplaces and deserts. Let's also not forget about the caves, the snakes, and the Ark of the Covenant's power of everlasting life.

  2. "Avatar" There is some hard evidence that "Avatar" is definitely a movie for guys who want an entertaining outdoor adventure - it became the most successful movie ever made. James Cameron created a unique mix of science fiction, fantasy, action, and romance all wrapped in one big budget film with nine foot blue aliens and a colorful, visually immersive planet. It may be the closest thing guys will get to traveling to an entirely new world.

  3. "Easy Rider" The late actor Dennis Hopper made his directorial debut with this outdoor adventure movie that took him and co-star Peter Fonda all over America, literally. They hop on their motorcycles and embrace the freedom of the open road from Los Angeles to New Orleans - like many guys dream of. This independent venture cost under a half a million, helped enhance Jack Nicholson's acting career and grossed over $60 million worldwide.

  4. "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" Paul Newman and Robert Redford play train robbers on the run from the law - all the way from America to Bolivia. This outdoor adventure movie for guys won four Academy Awards in the cinematography, writing, and musical categories. The Sundance Film Festival that Robert Redford founded is named after his character from this movie - The Sundance Kid. 

  5.  " Into the Wild" Guys who love the outdoors will enjoy this biographical adventure about Christopher McCandless, an academically and athletically successful graduate who decides to take a different career path. After donating his $24,000 in savings to charity, McCandless embarks on a journey to Alaska to live completely in the wilderness. Sean Penn wrote the screenplay, directed the film, and was a co-producer.