Women can kick butt as well as the guys and nothing shows this better than these movies with women heroes. From Foxy Brown to Lara Croft, these female characters are some of the most iconic characters in all of movies. These movies with women heroes show that the ladies can lay down the law and look great while doing it.

  1. “Foxy Brown” The character Foxy Brown in the film of the same name was made iconic by actor Pam Grier in 1974. Foxy is out for revenge after her boyfriend is shot by members of a drug ring in disguise as a modeling agency. Foxy poses as a prostitute to infiltrate the group and goes on a violent rampage to help save her fellow black women from a life of exploitation. Although the film had a largely negative reception with the critics, it has gone on to enter the pop culture cannon and continue to score big with audiences. “Foxy Brown” is one of the most influential movies with female heroes and Foxy is now thought to be one of the archetypes of the female hero in blaxploitation films.

  2. “Terminator 2” Played by actress Linda Hamilton, the female hero of “Terminator 2” was Sarah Connor. Though in the first “Terminator” movie Sarah Connor is a timid, frightened victim, she later emerges in the second film as a hardened hero out for blood. “Terminator 2” quickly became one of the most popular and well received movies with female heroes.

  3. “La Femme Nikita” “La Femme Nikita” is one of the movies with female heroes that enjoyed international success. A French film starring Anne Parillaud, “La Femme Nikita” was later released in the United States staring Bridget Fonda. The movie follows a woman named Nikita after she is made into a government assassin. Nikita is arrested after a botched robbery attempt and in taken from the prison and given the choice to become an assassin or to go to her death. She chooses to become an assassin and she is transformed from a street kid into a femme fatale.

  4. “Alien” One of the most famous movies with a female hero is “Alien” and the roll of Ellen Ripley. Sigourney Weaver plays this character in each of the “Alien” films and has become iconic in the roll. Ellen Ripley fights off aliens invading the earth with both impressive weapons and the force of her scream alone.

  5. "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” Made in 2001, “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” stars Angelina Jolie as the movie’s female hero, Lara Croft. The movie was adapted from the hugely popular video game series and was a huge box office success, although not being received so well with the critics. The ass kicking and sexy Lara Croft headed up one more film when the sequel was released later in 2003.