Movies with hot female heroes are not as rare as you may think Fighting villains and protecting victims is often depicted by predominately male heroes and masculine looking females. But these five films are the exceptions to the rule, with attractive heroines at the helm.

  1. "Foxy Brown" In the 1970's, very few female heroes were blessed with such a cute face and a mind-boggling physique as Pam Grier. In "Foxy Brown", Grier takes the leading role as Foxy Brown who is seeking revenge against a criminal organization that murdered her boyfriend by posing as a prostitute. Her luscious looks and no-nonsense attitude were later reinvented as the name of a popular Brooklyn female rapper named Foxy Brown.

  2. "Iron Man 2" Any excuse to admire the gorgeous Scarlett Johansson on a huge movie screen is worth the cost of admission - and then some. In "Iron Man 2", Johansson makes her first appearance in the Iron Man series as Black Widow, an undercover spy for S.H.I.E.L.D., lead by Nick Fury, played by Samuel L. Jackson. The auburn hair color that replaces Scarlett Johansson's normally blond locks adds radiance to this hot female hero that is scheduled to make another Marvel Comics movie appearance in "The Avengers."

  3. "Charlie's Angels" Lucy Liu starred as Alex Munday, one third of the trio of detectives in "Charlie's Angeles." Whether her hair was pulled back, revealing her seductive eyes, or her hair flowed freely; Lucy Liu captured attention and kept it under her control for the entire movie. Along with martial arts skills and technologically advanced equipment, sex appeal was also used extensively in this film as part of the arsenal used by Liu and her two other partners.

  4. "X-Men" Even as a mutant female hero with pale white hair to her shoulders, Halle Berry is still a stunning looking woman. Berry plays Storm, a member of the super hero squad, X-Men, in this adaptation of the popular Marvel Comic, released in theaters in 2000. She has the power to control weather conditions and does so in very appealing skin-tight

  5. "Salt" In this 2010 mystery action adventure, Angelina Jolie plays Evelyn Salt, an agent of the C.I.A. struggling to survive after being accused of being a Russian spy. With long, silky black hair, and her natural beauty, Jolie maintains her sexiness while the punches and bullets fly. "Salt" has entered the action movie arena with the introduction of a brand new serious female hero that is also capable of keeping men drooling.