Men of all ages can draw some testosterone-fueled inspiration from this list of movies with heroes for guys. Not every hero that appears in these movies is a good role model. However, it’s hard not to admire their reckless abandon.

  1. “X-Men Origins – Wolverine.” This 2009 action movie, which serves a prequel to main “X-Men” series, depicts the early years of Wolverine. Throughout the movie, he and his brother share a vicious rivalry that transcends time. This movie if full of heroes for guys. Among the crusaders are the savage Wolverine, slick Gambit and loud-mouthed Wade Wilson.

  2. “Hancock.” Peter Berg directed this 2008 movie with heroes for guys. You may be awe-struck by Hancock, a reckless, irresponsible and potty-mouthed hero with good intentions. Or, you can admire Ray, the ambitious public relations advisor who wants to help Hancock improve his image. Both Hancock and Ray will both be at odds with Mary, Ray’s wife, who is harboring an incredible secret. Will Smith starred as Hancock, and Jason Batemen starred as Ray.

  3. “First Blood.” Here’s a classic movie with a hero for guys. The image of muscle-bound Rambo storming around with heavy firearms is certainly iconic. Sylvester Stallone played the post-Vietnam war veteran who snaps under the pressure of trying to re-enter society. This movie, based on a novel by David Morrell, spawned several sequels.

  4. “Dr.No.” James Bond is another iconic movie hero for guys. Sean Connery plays the smooth secret agent in “Dr.No,” the first movie in the lengthy series. In his first on-screen mission, Bond travels to Jamaica, following a trail of blood and trouble that leads him to the lair of Dr. No. The sinister scientist intends on interfering with a U.S. space, but Agent 007 refuses to let the dirty deed go down.