No matter how macho or tough you come across as, you probably have a list of movies with a hero that will make you cry. There is no getting around it. Both men and women love tragic heroes, whether they be on the battlefield or the heart, it’s something we all seem to go back to time and time again. Hollywood has noticed and accommodated its audience with a great list of movies that accomplish just that.

  1. “The Truman Show” Arguably Jim Carrey’s finest performance to date, he plays a man trapped in a reality TV show about his life, but he is the only one not in on the joke. This movie with a hero that will make you cry does just that as Truman starts to question the reality he exists in, only to see his friends and family turn against him. The final revelation in the film’s closing scenes is enough to make anyone cheer for Truman.

  2. “The Life of David Gale” Three years before Kevin Spacey was set to play the role of master criminal Lex Luthor in “Superman Returns,” he played a victimized criminal in this movie with a hero that will make you cry. He plays a college professor who has been falsely accused and convicted of murder and rape. Spacey’s character, Gale, is also a professor who is a staunch anti-death penalty advocate, so once he is sentenced to die by the state, he spends his last days recounting his story to a reporter (Kate Winslet) in the hopes that she can uncover the truth about his life and the circumstances that will lead not only to his tragic death, but to all those innocent men and women who are placed on death row based on poor evidence and a blood-thirsty legal system.

  3. “Children of Men” The year 2027 is the setting for this movie with a hero that will make you cry. It’s about a world where humans have somehow lost the ability to procreate and are faced with extinction as a result. The hero of the film, a former political activist who is now going through the motions of life is presented with the first pregnant woman the world has seen in 18 years Knowing that her pregnancy could save the entire race, he rushes to get her to a sanctuary, only to come face to face with the worst of humanity along the way.  

  4. “The Departed” The first and only theatrical collaboration between megastars Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson and Martin Scorsese, this movie with a hero that will make you cry is actually a remake of a Hong Kong film. It tells the story of an honest cop forced to go undercover within an Irish mob in order to advance his career and is pitted in a battle of wills with a corrupt cop who is at the top of his game. As DiCaprio’s honest cop gets closer and closer to his target, corrupt cop Matt Damon, the more he can see his future starting to slip away.

  5. “The Notebook” If sappy love stories are your thing, then this is the one movie with a hero that will make you cry that you need to see. Based on the popular Nicholas Sparks novel by the same name, it tells the tragic story of Noah, a poor man with little means and Allie, the heiress he falls in love with (despite her parents desire to keep them part). The story flips back and forth to their past and the present day as it covers the sacrifices he must endure in order to be with the love of his life.