Movie heroes of the 90s were completely different than their counterparts in the 80s. While the heroes of the 80s were muscular men with guns blazing, the men in the 90s were often a more average type of person. There were still occasional cartoony heroes but mostly these were normal men pushed into extraordinary situations.

  1. Det. John McClane – The first “Die Hard” movie appeared in the 80s but it continued on, with two sequels in the 90s. Bruce Willis reprised his role as a movie hero from the 90s who found himself in the middle of crazy situations. The second movie took place on a plane and the third was a race around the city.

  2. Capt. Steven Hiller – In “Independence Day,” Will Smith plays an air force captain who finds himself in the middle of a giant war between attacking aliens and the forces of Earth. The disaster movie destroys many of the Earth’s landmarks until Hiller takes off into outer space to hit the aliens in their home base.

  3. Det. Inspector LeeJackie Chan is able to make the “Rush Hour” movies great fun despite the annoying presence of Chris Tucker. Chan plays a movie hero from the 90s, helping his former superior officer when the man’s daughter is kidnapped by an old enemy.

  4. The TerminatorArnold Schwarzenegger returns in the sequel to “The Terminator,” except in this second movie—"T2: Judgement Day"—he is a hero. The Terminator returns from the future when it is discovered that an advanced model is heading there to kill John Connor, the leader of the resistance, when he was a child.

  5. The MariacheRobert Rodriguez created “Desperado” as a sequel to his hit independent movie, “El Mariache.” Antonio Banderas takes over the lead role as the unnamed Mariache who is out for vengeance against the men who killed his girlfriend.

  6. Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett – Will Smith and Martin Lawrence star in “Bad Boys,” the buddy cop film by action director Michael Bay. In the movie Lawrence is Marcus, the family man, who teams up with playboy cop Mike, played by Will Smith, hunting down heroin stolen from the Miami PD.

  7. Martin RiggsMel Gibson became a huge star as Martin Riggs in the “Lethal Weapon” franchise. The third and fourth films in the series were released in the 90s and feature Riggs developing from the suicidal, man on the edge, from the first film into a more balanced movie hero from the 90s by the end.

  8. James Bond – While Pierce Brosnan’s “James Bond” movies are not the best in the series, “The World is Not Enough” presents him as one of the best movie heroes from the 90s. The movie sees James Bond trying to stop a nuclear attack and facing off with a nemesis who can’t feel pain.

  9. Jack TravenKeanu Reeves is officer Jack Traven in “Speed,” one of the best movie heroes from the 90s. When a terrorist places a bomb on a bus that will detonate if it drops below 50 mph, Traven must figure out how to save the people on board before it runs out of gas.

  10. Eric Draven – Eric Draven is a rock musician who is murdered one night by a gang of thugs, along with his wife. Draven returns from the grave as The Crow, a being with magical powers who must exact vengeance before he can pass on to the afterlife.