Without the right songs, a movie devoted to dance would fall flat, so luckily the "Step Up 3" soundtrack never stops delivering. Let your hips speak and your feet roam as you engage with the bass, rhythm and vocals. A large cat or dog could make a suitable dance partner if no one's near when you fire up these tracks:

"Club Can't Handle Me" With numerous little quiet spaces, Flo Rida with David Guetta craft a song that cultivates transitions within the song. Beats fire in glorious explosions while the vocals surround you in your own private space. Throw away your dancing shoes and go barefoot through this musical wonderland so you can feel even more of the music as you compete against the song, setting your own personal bar to conquer. "Club Can't Handle Me" kicks into high gear and you'd better not be lagging behind when this "Step Up 3" track plays.

"Beggin' " Madcon lets you create your own build up as their music forms a gentle, non-invasive sound for your mental dance floor. "Beggin' " wants you to find the flow within the beats and express your individuality. The song is there for you to bounce off of but not to control your feet. A great "Step Up 3" track that lets you express your own personal creativity without the music controlling your movements.

"Move (If You Wanna)" The bass in "Move (If You Wanna)" doesn't care if you want to dance or not, it'll vibrate your body until you have to stand and dance just to have fighting chance of staying in one piece. Mims' vocals suit the music perfectly as the deepness of his voice has its own bass. Punctuated by deep sounds that leave you gasping for breath, this track from "Step Up 3" makes you a willing puppet to the rhythm as your strings are pulled this way and that.

"Bust Your Windows" Jazmine Sullivan's song is sultry and sneaky as it gets absorbed into your consciousness and without noticing you're moving across the floor. A more classic take on dance, this "Step Up 3" song plays to the strengths of slow dancing. Without any loud music or screaming vocals, there isn't a single second in "Bust Your Windows" where you couldn't hear yourself or your partner talking and that is intimacy at its best. "Step Up 3" doesn't play only to the deafening club songs but rather incorporates all types of music within the soundtrack.

"Tear Da Roof Off". Busta Rhymes was a tremendous choice for the "Step Up 3" soundtrack, as his vocal flow doesn't seem to obey normal conventions. His words create their own beat as you never seem to know where he's flying to but he always lands square on his own target. It's that randomness and creativity that make "Tear Da Roof Off" special. Follow Busta Rhymes and let him carve the road less traveled for you to dance down.