Do you want to check out some jungle adventure movies with hot actresses? These four films have all the danger, excitement and mystique of the jungle, with the added bonus of beautiful women. Read on for the list of jungle adventure movies with hot actresses:

  1. "Anaconda" (1997). This movie follows a documentary film crew who in taken hostage by a crazy jungle man trying to capture the world's largest snake, putting them all in danger in the process. In addition to the non-stop action, this movie features gorgeous hot actress Jennifer Lopez in one of her earlier film roles. Lopez is now an international superstar with both a music and a film career.

  2.  "Blood Diamond" (2006). This tense, political action drama is about a man attempting to make piece with the unrest in the jungle of Sierra Leone, caused by the diamond trade which he has directly contributed to. During his struggle, he meets Maddy, the woman who changes his life, played by hot actress Jennifer Connelly. Connelly has been starring in films since the early 1980s, and most recently had a role in "The Dilemma."

  3. "King Kong" (2005). This remake of the classic '30s monster jungle adventure movie featured hot Australian actress Naomi Watts, also known for her roles in "Funny Games" and "The Ring." Watts plays the beauty who is kidnapped by the giant ape, who falls in love with her. Their strange but beautiful affair eventually leads to King Kong's demise.

  4.  "Congo" (1995). In this jungle adventure movie, a group of scientists sent into the African congo to pursue the largest diamonds known to man is stalked by a killer ape. One of the explorers is played by hot actress Laura Linney, who plays a doctor sent to rescue the team. Linney can currently be seen in the Showtime drama "The Big C."