These jungle adventure movies for kids are full of action and imagination. The films usually revolve around a young man who grows up in the wilds of the forest and must adjust suddenly to modern life. The movies below are good picks for children who love adventures set in faraway locales.

  1. “George of the Jungle” This goofy, but fun comedy features Brendan Fraser as a Tarzan-like character named George. He’s lived in the jungle all of his life until one fateful day when he meets the girl adventurer of his dreams (played by Leslie Mann). He introduces her to the ape family who raised him, then she takes him to the U.S. and gives him a tour of the city. The jungle adventure movie is full of harmless slapstick comedy.

  2. “Swiss Family Robinson” A 1960 classic, this jungle adventure movie for kids is about a family that is shipwrecked on an island. The movie is full of jungle adventures, from living off of the jungle resources to battling the pirates who happen to also inhabit the area. The movie shows the importance of working together as a team to achieve goals.

  3. “Jungle 2 Jungle” This comedy contains an unlikely, but funny premise: Tim Allen plays a hot shot New Yorker who learns that he has a teenage son who has been raised entirely in the jungle. He journeys to his son’s tribe to meet him. Multiple mishaps occur as he learns more about his son and then tries to take him to the city for his first visit. The jungle adventure for kids is a great coming-of-age story that younger teens can enjoy.

  4. “The Jungle Book” A live action version of Rudyard Kipling’s tale, “The Jungle Book” chronicles Mowgoli’s adventures growing up among wolves in the jungles of India. He soon finds his way of life threatened by a group of English colonizers on the hunt for treasure. The jungle adventure movie has plenty of suspenseful moments and even some comedy to draw kids in. It also stars an assortment of famous actors, including Sam Neill, John Cleese, and Cary Elwes.

  5. “Tarzan” This animated Disney movie provides a great jungle adventure movie for kids. Tarzan has grown up among apes, until he meets the beautiful Jane. He saves her life and shows her the adventures of life in the jungle. He soon must decide, however, whether to stay with his adopted animal family or plunge back into modern human society.

-Laura Picklesimer