Iron Man 2” soundtrack song list is compiled from a variety of AC/DC songs that have spanned across the decades. This soundtrack from “Iron Man 2” fits the movie perfectly even though most of the songs weren't even in the movie. For some reason or another the powers that be decided that a full AC/DC CD would be a better soundtrack that the songs that were actually included in “Iron Man 2.” If you are looking for the best songs on the “Iron Man 2” soundtrack you have come to the right place, just don't expect them to be from the movie.

Thunderstruck” is the first release from the "Razors Edge" album that was released in 1990. This song has been played at numerous sporting events and has been heard in a number of movies including “Varsity Blues.”

Back in Black” was released over three decades ago on AC/DCs Back in Black album. Although you won't here the song in the “Iron Man 2” movie you can hear it in “Karate Kid 2.”

T.N.T” Originally released in 1975, this is the oldest song from AC/DC on the sound track. Played during the opening credits of “Iron Man 2” this was one of the lucky songs from the movie to make it to the soundtrack.

Highway to Hell” This is one of the two songs from the “Iron Man 2” soundtrack that is actually in the movie. It can be heard during the closing credit of the movie.

Shoot to Thrill” is included in the “Iron Man 2” sound track because the video was released with some unique footage from the film.

It is sad that the “Iron Man 2” soundtrack does not showcase the songs from the movie as a soundtrack should. Or perhaps the movie should have included more AC/DC songs because they certainly would have fit within the movie. One has to wonder what the point of this soundtrack actually was, since it was barely tied to the movie at all.