There are very few people that do not enjoy these inspiring movies with heroes. Everyone identifies with a hero in some way. Some want to emulate him, some feel challenged by him, but everyone has an opinion of him.

  1. “Hidalgo” Viggo Mortensen passionately portrays Frank Hopkins, an unrivaled distance rider who traveled to Arabia to compete against the famed Arabian horses to win a place in the world for the American mustang. Frank Hopkins and Hidalgo, a horse that didn't know how to lose, and the rider who loved him do exactly that. 

  2. “Australia” Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman star in this story about how during the eve of an attack of the Japanese on Australia, Lady Ashley decides to adopt an aboriginal orphan and live with the driver who captured her heart after the death of her husband. Turning their backs on the conventions of society, these three risk everything and overcome all obstacles to just be a family.

  3. “Star Trek” Chris Pine does an excellent job playing James T. Kirk in this latest “Star Trek” movie. The chemistry on-screen is great as is the CGI. With intelligence and daring, James T. Kirk refuses to give up when faced with an adversary that has come through time to get even with Spock.

  4. “Robin Hood” Betrayed by his king, archer Robin Longstride (Russell Crowe) returns to England a disillusioned man. Keeping a promise to a dying man, Longstride goes to Nottingham to return a sword to its rightful owner. Robin teaches everyone how to stand up for those who cannot defend themselves against an agent of France acting, it appears, on the orders from the English crown. 

  5. The Postman” In a post apocalyptic world, Kevin Costner becomes the postman, delivering the mail in exchange for food and lodging. Shamed by the courage of villagers, he challenges the warlord to a "winner takes all" fight to try and right some of the wrongs suffered by the village.

  6. “Braveheart” When the British kill his father, William Wallace (Mel Gibson) in taken to live with his uncle. While there, he is educated and is taught martial tactics. Returning home, he marries. After the British kill his wife to get to him, he leads his people into an uprising to avenge her death. 

  7. “Armageddon” Liv Tylor, Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck star in this inspiring movie of courage and sacrifice. When an asteroid large enough to annihilate the earth is detected, a team of drillers risk everything to try and save the world. 

  8. “Serenity” Nathan Fillion stars as Captain Mel Reynolds in this inspiring movie. When a patriot-soldier-turned-thief gets caught up against the Alliance, he makes a stand that no one, including the psychic he protects, could foresee.

  9. “Cool Runnings” Starring Leon, Doug E. Doug and Malik Yoba, this movie is based on the 1988 Olympic bobsled team from Jamaica. Never having been around snow or its related sports, this team overcame tremendous odds.

  10. “Lord of the Rings” Viggo Mortensen, Liv Tyler and Elijha Wood star together in this inspiring film. Brought together by fate, seven friends must take a ring forged by an evil warlord to be destroyed by the same fire that spawned it. Thus the Fellowship of the Ring is formed.

  11. “Iron Will” Mackenzie Astin, and Kevin Spacey portra the spirit and determination of a son suddenly left to care for his mother and the family farm when his father dies. A reporter gives him the title of “Iron Will Stoneman” in one of the most dangerous dogsled races in the world.

                                                                                                                                                -Kerry Prater