Hot female action heroes have gradually become a big deal in our culture. This influence has translated through cinema, television, and other forms of media, like video games and comic books.  In this article, we’ll mostly stick to the cinema medium with a few short detours to discuss some hot female action heroes with star appeal in several different media realms.

  1. Buffy Summers – This vampire slaying super powered character was originally played by the beautiful Kristy Swanson in the film "Buffy The Vampire Slayer". Eventually, they made a much better TV show with Sarah Michelle Gellar as the star, and there’s even a comic book. She is undoubtedly the most successful hot female action hero around, and the show had a huge influence in helping open the door for strong female heroes in other works.

  2. The Bride – This character from “Kill Bill” played by Uma Thurman is impressive because she’s just as tough as any male character you can think of. The fact that the “Kill Bill” is such a violent film helps make her one of the edgiest and most exciting hot female heroes in cinema history.

  3. Coffy – Pam Grier plays this vigilante character from the film “Coffy”. The character has tons of attitude and she'll stand up to anybody. The actress, Grier, helped set the standard for hot female action heroes in the years to come because of her performance in this film and others.

  4. Ripley - Sigourney Weaver does a great job as this character in the “Alien” films. She’s both smart and tough, and she has a rough exterior that contrasts nicely with her natural sex appeal.

  5. Sarah Connor – This hot female hero is well known from the “Terminator” films, and the show “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”. Linda Hamilton is the actress who really put her stamp on this character, and she’s always had a rough and interesting kind of beauty that made her a perfect female action hero.  The character fights to protect her son from time traveling enemy robots who've come to destroy him.

  6. River – This character from the film “Serenity” and the show “Firefly”, is one of the hottest female action heroes in recent memory. The character is a teen who’s been secretly programmed as an assassin. She has incredibl fighting abilities, but she can't necessarily use them at will.

  7. Nikita – This character first appeared in the film “La Femme Nikita”, and later showed up in a television show. Anne Parillaud was in the original movie, and she is truly stunning. The character is a criminal who’ taken by the government and trained as an assassin. People sympathize with her because she's always torn between a sense of duty and her own inner moral compass.

  8. Laura Croft – This character first appeared in the video game “Tomb Raider”, and  she was played by the lovely Angelina Jolie in a a few different movies. The character can almost be seen as a hot female version on Indiana Jones.

  9. Selene – This character appears in the "Underworld" movies, and is played by Kate Beckinsale. She is a hot female vampire caught up in a war where vampires and werewolves are battling each other. These films, which mix horror and action, may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but they’ve made a big commercial impression, and the character has become fairly iconic.

  10. Trinity – This character from the “Matrix” trilogy is played by Carrie-Anne Moss. She’s just as tough as the main hero, Neo, and she's also much more experienced than him, which helps create an interesting dynamic between the two characters. This hot female hero has a lot of sex appeal but isn't necessarily good looking in a conventional Hollywood kind of way.