Finding inspiration to reach that higher goal often takes the form of a hero we admire and, for many people, it takes the form of a hero from movies that inspire. For some people it’s a hero with superhuman powers, while for others it’s a regular person who overcomes insurmountable odds and. Here are a few selections of movies that really inspire.

  1. “Superman” This 1978 monster hit of a movie not only wowed audiences, but made Christopher Reeve into both a star and role model for the remainder of his life. Everything about this hero movie that inspires was iconic, from the music to the cast to the special effects. It was so good that no one dared to touch the material until 2006.

  2. “Rob Roy” Returning to the Scotland Highlands some 500 years after the events of “Braveheart,” this hero movie that inspires tells the story of Robert McGregor who is forced to defend his family’s honor after he borrows money from a wealthy member of the royal family and it is stolen, imperiling him and his young bride.

  3. “Rocky” Is there anyone who doesn’t believe this film isn’t an excellent of example of a hero movie that inspires? Written by and starring Sylvester Stallone, it tells the story of a Philadelphia boxer who has virtually no luck and no chance to hit the big time until fate intervenes and gives him a shot at the heavyweight champion of the world. 

  4. “Cinderella Man” Also a hero movie that inspires and also a movie about boxing, but that’s where the similarities with “Rocky” end. This Ron Howard film starring Russell Crowe tells the true story of Depression-era boxer Jim Braddock and his return to glory after having been condemned as a washout and a has-been.

  5. “Gattaca” Writer/director Andrew Niccol takes the audience into his vision of a dystopic future where being “pure” takes on a whole new meaning. This is a society where all most genetic abnormalities have been cured by science leaving sex for procreation a thing that only lower class people do. Ethan Hawk’s character sets out to prove that human spirit isn’t something that’s determined by genes.

  6. “The Shawshank Redemption” Based on a short story by Stephen King, this film might not be the same kind of epic that the previous films on this list are, but the main character of Andy Dufresne (played by Tim Robbins) and his friend Red (played by Morgan Freeman) make this a movie about heroes who inspire. The story of them being in prison for nearly 20 years didn’t do very well in theaters when it was released, but became a popular video because of word of mouth.

  7. “Run, Fatboy, Run” You might not think Simon Pegg is a heroic character, but then you probably haven’t seen this 2007 comedy. This light-hearted romantic comedy is definitely a movie about a hero who can inspire because of the simple fact that he overcomes his own crippling self-doubt and fear of commitment to win back the girl he abandoned at the alter years before.  

  8. “Rudy” While there are plenty of movies about heroes that inspire audiences, “Rudy” is in a class by itself. It tells the true story of Daniel "Rudy'"Ruettiger, who despite poor grades, average skills and a height deficiency, is determined to play for the Notre Dame football team. With practically everyone telling him there is simply no way it’s going to happen, Rudy sets out to prove them all wrong.