The greatest movie heroes of all time are often heroic in very different ways. Some of them are prototypical action heroes, while others are heroes in a more profound sense of the word. All of them had the ability to inspire audiences and eventually developed icon status.

  1. Oskar SchindlerLiam Neeson played this character in the fantastic WWII movie “Schindlers List.” He is a German who uses his position to save the lives of many Jews during the war. He is a great movie hero because he risked his life for others.

  2. Indiana Jones – This movie hero, played by Harrison Ford, first appeared in the film “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” He is a professor and archeologist who finds lost treasures. He is a great movie hero because of Harrison Ford's performance, which comes off as incredibly likeable.

  3. James Bond – This movie hero is a super spy with a license to kill and lots of fancy gadgets. He was originally played brilliantly by actor Sean Connery. He is a great movie hero because people want to be more like him.

  4. The Bride – This is the character Uma Thurman played in the “Kill Bill” films. She is a former assassin on a quest for revenge and is a lot tougher than most of the greatest movie heroes. She starts off as a mystery in the first film and her character is gradually revealed in a very clever way throughout. 

  5. Jack Dawson – The Leonardo DiCaprio character from Titanic is both tragic and heroic. The fact that he is just a regular guy caught up in a difficult situation is the key to his likability, and that is what makes him a successful movie hero. Out of all the people in the film, his character is the one that people tend to remember most.

  6. William Munny – This character from the Clint Eastwood film “Unforgiven” is interesting because he is on a quest for redemption. He has a darker past than most movie heroes, but he is using his abilities to do something right for once. People sympathize with Munny's quest for redemption.

  7. Luke Skywalker – This character was played by Mark Hamill in the “Star Wars” films. He is a young man with a natural ability to access a mysterious power called "The Force," and we follow his journey towards mastery of this ability through several films. He is a very easy movie hero to identify with because people watch him struggle towards competency, which ofte mirrors what people experience in their own lives.

  8. Scott Pilgrim – This great character played by Michael Cera in the comedy “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” is incredibly easy to root for. He is in love with an amazing girl, but he has to physically fight all her ex-boyfriends. He is a great hero because he is more successful in his endeavors than his outward persona would suggest, which surprises people.

  9. William Wallace – This is a character from history who was immortalized as a great movie hero by Mel Gibson in the film “Braveheart.”  His quest is all about vengeance on one level, but it is also a patriotic quest to free his country from oppression. Early scenes in the film make the audience strongly identify with this heroes motives to the point where they feel a lot of his righteous anger themselves.

  10. Harry Callahan – This is Clint Eastwood’s tough guy cop from the “Dirty Harry” movies. He is not worried about bending a few rules if that is what it takes to get the bad guys. This character is a great hero because does not let anything get in the way of his concept of justice.