Good action movies to watch with your girlfriend need to have a storyline and a decent frontman. Let’s face it: cChicks aren’t always up for good action movies, especially one filled with hot chick and bouncing boobs, so tone the action down to something with a storyline webbed in with all that action. Check out these five good action movies to watch with your girlfriend:

  1. "The Matrix" A classic action movie with an intense storyline and superb action. With Keanu Reeves as the frontman the ladies will be intrigued. For the guys, plenty of science fiction action and Carrie-Anne Moss in a tight anything is sweet. The storyline is set in the digital age between reality and the circuits. Great movies, exceptional concept and even better story all welded together into a fine action movie for your girlfriend.

  2. "Aliens" Okay, action-horror and no leading man, but a woman instead. This movie, however ,is a great movie for its time and is entertaining and creepy. It is a great "girlfriend in your lap movie" with the suspense and action sequences with a very nasty alien. If you like the classic or your girlfriend is into older movies, this may just be the perfect mix. There is great action and the story is believable with some top level acting.

  3. "The Bourne Ultimatum" The entire series is exceptional, but this one is the best of the bunch. Matt Damon at his best, love him or hate him. The ladies seem to love him and your girlfriend probably does as well. This is an excellent action movie about the CIA trying to run down and eliminate one of their own operatives. The problem, he isn’t playing. Super storyline with action weaved throughout. If your girlfriend enjoys some suspense, this action film will be a sure winner.

  4. "the Dark Knight" Perhaps the best Batman film ever and not because of Heath’s Ledger’s death. No, this is a damn good action movie with the classic Batman storyline. With Christian Bale as the unmovable Bruce Wayne and Heath Ledger as the Joker, your girlfriend will love it. You will enjoy the action, history and cinema of Batman. You both will enjoy a good story, a well directed movie and the dark world on the Dark Knight.

  5. "The Seven Samurai" Catch your girlfriend up with a true classic adventure movie. This may be the movie that launched the genre. This action movie takes place in ancient Japan and follows seven samurai who are hired by a village to protect it. They come up against a ruthless band of ninjas and fight to the bitter end to protect the villagers. An inspiring and action-packed movie filled with great adventure and a superb storyline.