Are good action movies for guys the kinds of movies guys gravitate to, or are they good action movies that are actually good for them? In other words, are movies with a lot of unnecessary blood and guts actually the best type of film for guys to watch? One has to think it's possible to have a good action movie-even a good one for guys-that isn't just an excuse to splatter blood around the screen.

  1. "Batman Begins" Christian Bale may have a meltdown now and again, but he nailed it as Batman. The film also stars Gary Oldman, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman, all men that have been in some good action movies. This will set you straight on how the Batman legend began, with lots of crime-solving action.

  2. "The Terminator" Some might argue there wasn't nearly enough political action during Arnold Schwarzenegger's time as California's governor. If you'd like to see some real guy action, however, check out Arnold's part as the Terminator. He wasn't hesitant to kill a guy when he needed to. This was Arnold the tough guy at his best. It combined sci-fi with James Cameron's expert direction skills.

  3. "Ben Hur" Charlton Heston is every man's man. This was an epic period piece and not an unlikely type of film to find Heston in. Released in 1959, the real tough guy of the silver screen appeared in all his glory.

  4. "Star Wars" This film probably looks a little cheesy to modern eyes. It had a relatively low budget compared to what would come later in the series. But it was also a classic good guy vs. bad guy film, with plenty of action starship chases.

  5. "Robocop" What's better than a guy's action cop film? Well, a robot action cop film, of course. Peter Weller was perfectly cast in this futuristic cop film.

  6. "Black Hawk Down" Guys love war movies. And these days, war movies are much more realistic than those original World War Two films ever more. This movie was set in contemporary Somalia. There are lots of gunfire. There are plenty of explosions. Yet, it's also a realistic movie about a conflict that actually happened.

  7. "First Blood" Guys loved watching Sylvester Stallone box in "Rocky." But they probably enjoyed seeing him perform as a one-man army in "First Blood." This was the movie that started the whole "Rambo" franchise.

  8. "The Road Warrior" This was Mel Gibson before all the personal trouble. It was a post-apocalyptic film. There were lots on fighting. There were lots of sci-fi action. Guys still dig it.

  9. "Enter the Dragon" Bruce Lee was the man when it came to martial arts. This is probably his best martial arts film. Long before UFC took over violent minds, there was the one and only Mr. Lee.

  10. "Gladiator" There's a famous scene in "Airport" where Robert Graves' character asks a little boy if he likes gladiator movies. Obviously, his intentions were none too pure. Yet a bunch of men watching this movie secretly whispered that, yes, they like gladiator movies--and for all the right reasons.

- Dan MacIntosh