Most “Green Zone” movie characters were CIA agents, random soldiers and journalists. But a few stand out as the ones that carried the movie and made it one of the best war movies of 2010. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Matt Damon and Jason Isaacs made it into the lineup.

Roy Miller: Miller, a “Green Zone” character played by Matt Damon, is the foul-mouthed soldier in charge of finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, which, of course, he never finds. And he calls Washington on their little scheme, making several enemies in the meantime.

Chief Sheen: Chief Sheen, portrayed by Martin McDougall, heads up the CIA Baghdad bureau as the assistant chief. As you can imagine, he butts heads with Miller.

Freddy: Freddy is an Iraqi agent who, having injured his leg in the war, wants to still do something for his country. He eventually winds up translating for Miller and proves how much he’s still needed, leg or not. Khalid Abdalla plays this character.

Lawrie Dayne: A journalist portrayed by Amy Ryan, who’s not exactly your token annoying journalist, takes Miller’s story about WMD’s back to Washington and tries to out politicians who had no business looking for weapons of mass destruction.

Martin Brown: “Green Zone” watchers will recognize Brendan Gleeson, who plays Martin Brown, the chief of CIA Baghdad operations. While he doesn’t clash swords with Miller as much as the rest, he realizes his job is on the line if Miller’s mission fails or if the wrong people get ousted.

Clark Poundstone: Greg Kinnear plays Poundstone, easily “Green Zone’s” slimiest, slipperiest character. He has absolutely no redeeming qualities, and as such is the main bad guy in the film.

General Al Rawi: Speaking of bad guys, this character, portraye by Igal Naor, is targeted for killing because he’s an informant. He’s not exactly a bad guy in terms of actually going against Miller’s mission, but rather because a lot of people could go down depending on what comes out of his mouth.

Major Briggs: Just a soldier doing his job, Jason Isaacs, who portrays this “Green Zone” character, is all business when it comes to eliminating the “Deck of Cards,” the code-name for high-profile targets on the CIA’s list.

Sergeant Conway: Sergeant Conway is one of Miller’s main team members. Sean Huze portrays this character in the film, who you might miss unless you’re really looking for him.

Colonel Lyons: Not exactly top on the list due to a pretty small part, this Colonel, played by Antoni Corone, looks and plays the part of a special forces soldier just doing his job. That’s what his role amounts to, too.

-Rochelle Connery